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Grind Down the Debt – Here’s a Jump Start from Oro Mesa

It’s a never ending battle. Just when you think you finally have a grip on the debt that has held you back, BOOM. Life happens. Now you’re back in over your head, collectors calling and the repo man just eyeing you hard like a starving man on an all-you-can-eat buffet line. Not the best situation, but sometimes, all too common. Fortunately, Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold has a few tips and services we can provide for you.

1.) Bring Down Your Debt, Even When You Get Our Pawn Loan, By Budgeting.

This is important, even when you get a pawn loan from us. While we have the ability to give you money from your items via a pawn loan, you still have to be aware of what you DO with the money. That means budgeting it out to cover what you need. Is it to pay for a late bill to become current? Cover a new expense? Do you have all the rest of your bills handled? Either way, let our pawn loan be a means to resolve your financial burdens. Start with what the money can do to fix your issues immediately; getting enough groceries to cover time involved to resolve debts is one example. Planning out your work week and what you spend throughout that week is another example. All made possible through the extra funding provided by our pawn loans!

2.) You Have 90 Days to Make Better Financial Steps. Plan Ahead.

Should you decide to use our pawn loans to grind down debt, the duration is 90 days to repay. This is the moment to turn your financial situation around for the better; however, you have to have a plan of action to make it work to your benefit, or things will end up worse. During this time, you can use the extra funding to further pursue employment opportunities, from local businesses to franchises (There IS work our there, if you seek it). Also keep in mind that you do have a time limit to pay us back for the loan; which is, again, 90 days. Here are some ways to plan ahead and save time and energy on your grind (in no particular order):

  • Apply online for most businesses; whether you have a computer and access to the internet at home or happen to be close by the local library.
  • Search for local business that are hiring part-time or full-time employment; be it for the second job or a replacement job.
  • Re-evaluate your spending and look to find ways to get more for less OR cut out entirely; or both.
  • Set time tables to get these and other financial goals done.

While it may seem daunting thinking about better financial steps, it’s just as important to be involved and take action. By getting a pawn loan, which could be from your gold, diamonds, jewelry, electronics, most items of value, you’re taking a critical step in changing your financial outcome for the better.

3.) When You Pawn Your Items, You’re Making a Commitment to Yourself!

Yes, we as a pawn shop would love to give you money for your items, but that’s not why you did WHAT you did. You made a commitment to improve your situation with our pawn loans. It’s a stepping stone to success that you deemed necessary. EVERY customer that walks through our door thinks this, and while we may not say it outright, we fully understand this, and work to offer the most loan-to-value we can for those items. This commitment to our customers that are committed to better financial success is one of the many reasons we still remain in business for over a decade. It’s also the reason why many from across the Valley continue to do business with us; from Mesa, to Chandler, Tempe to Casa Grande, Phoenix to Scottsdale.

Oro Mesa recognizes and respects the Grind to bring down debt. So if you need that money now and willing to offer collateral for it, we’re here and ready to help out. Contact us and visit our store today!

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