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The Pawn Shop Oro Express Mesa Directory

Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold has been known as a successful Pawn Shop Mesa citizens trust. As such, we continue to strive each day to find ways to reach those in need of our services. One such method is our zip code directory. Now you can reach our store from your zip code area with ease.

Zip Code Areas We Serve

To be clear, our store services all residents of the Valley of the Sun. The purpose of this zip code directory is to act as a guide to our location so you don’t have to worry about traveling aimlessly. It’s focus is currently those in the city of Mesa and her zip code areas. They are the following:

The list is not limited to these zip codes. We simply use these as a guide for you to refer in terms of travel arrangements.

Does this Directory Only Work for the Mesa Area?

This directory starts off in the Mesa area but any Valley Resident can use it to their specific need. So if you’re from Chandler, or Avondale, or even Casa Grande, you can use this directory to your advantage.

To further demonstrate this, here’s a base map to go off of:

As you can see, we are at the heart of Mesa’s original districts back in the days this town was once called Mesa City. We’re also close by to Center Street, the official line between East and West Mesa herself. We are established in our location for over ten years. As such, we’ve seen companies come and go. We’ve also seen how people in Mesa have come and gone from our store, and how we’ve changed many people’s lives. That’s why we can be a Pawn Shop Mesa citizens can come back to.

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