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We Serve the 85205 Zip Code!

Though we are a well established business, it never hurts to guide customers to us from all corners of Mesa. This 85205’s guide to Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold. As always, we remind our customers that our store is limited to just this area. The focus and directions are based on the 85205 zip code, but this guide can be used by all Valley Residents.

85205’s Guide to Oro Mesa

Since we’re further west of the 85205 area, there’s at least three ways to reach our store; all roads leading to South Mesa Drive. First and foremost, you can take East Brown Road and make the left to Mesa Drive. You can also take Main Street and make the same left turn to Mesa Drive. You’ll know when to make the turn when you see the Light Rail Station #18603 on your right. Finally, but not limited to this, there’s the travel down to Broadway Road. From there it’s a straight shot west to the corner of Broadway Road and Mesa Drive. Now you have a way to reach the Pawn Shop Mesa citizens trust.

85205’s Guide to Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold Services We Provide

Our dedication and loyalty to the East Valley communities surpasses all others!  Whether you are looking to buy, pawn or sell valuables, we are your store! Not only have we been serving 85205 residents for over a decade, but our staff is loyal too! Our highly trained staff are also experienced in assessing the value of jewelry. diamonds, watches and more! This is an attribute that is priceless in the pawn shop industry. It allows us to have confidence that our cash offers are accurate and the most cash possible to our customers! Because at Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold we want to provide the cash you need, when you need it!

Click on the bottom right of the screen on our live-chat to speak with an associate. We will gladly answer any questions needing answers for you. In addition, we can begin the paperwork before you arrive at the store. If you are having problems finding cash you need, let us be your solution!

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