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Jewelry Pawn Shop Queen Creek

Queen Creek locals love to find great deals to buy and sell jewelry. Some locals travel far and wide to do so. Because of this, they discover our business here in Mesa.  And now, Oro Express Mesa wants to showcase our services to these intrepid customers as the Jewelry Pawn Shop Queen Creek customers travel for!

What Services do you Offer as a Jewelry Pawn Shop Queen Creek Trusts?

There are three main services that we offer to our customers:Jewelry Pawn Shop Mesa

  1. Store service: Basically we’re a jewelry store and we provide jewelry for sale. This is the basic service available to all customers looking for deals in jewelry, such as jewelry sets, stand alone pieces, and more. There is no special process to acquire this jewelry other than having money, and we will barter.
  2. Jewelry Buyer: This is preferred to customers that are looking to pocket off of jewelry they no longer wish to own. Here is where you can have us purchase your items and we give you money! All we need is the jewelry as complete as possible (meaning any packaging, accessories, and any documentation) along with an Arizona State-issued ID to verify your identity.
  3. Pawn Jewelry: This is the Buyer Service, but you would like to get the jewelry back eventually. Hence you are requesting a loan of money and using the jewelry you own as a bargaining chip. Unlike our buying service, you are given 90 days to pay back our loan, and then you are given your items back. You can pay earlier at no penalty, or wait up to the 90th day and pay anytime between then. If you need additional time, contact us for further assistance and options.
  4. Jewelry Cleaning Services: Here at Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold, we strive to be the jewelry pawn shop Queen Creek prefers.  Therefore, we realized that this is a service that customers are also looking for.  Therefore, we added our services to the public, to make their jewelry shine.  Please ask our pawnbroker about our services, and any restrictions that may apply.

This is how we became the Jewelry Pawn Shop Queen Creek residents, and most residents in the Valley, trust to get the best deals possible.  Because we offer the best services when it comes to jewelry, in a friendly and professional services!

What Documentation Do We Need to Complete These Services?

As we stated earlier, we will need Arizona State-issued ID. This IDDocumentation of authenticity - Jewelry Pawn Shop Queen Creek must be current and valid in order for the two services of Buying and Pawning Jewelry. In most cases, customers that have current and valid AZ Driver’s License. Once we have that, we may request documentation of the jewelry as well. Keep in mind that jewelry documentation isn’t a deal breaker, but it helps when authentication is necessary.  These credentials help us provide the best offers possible, and be the jewelry pawn shop Queen Creek residents go to!

What Types of Jewelry Do You Prefer?

The types of jewelry we accept range from earrings to bracelets, from rings to necklaces, from brooches to even Tiara and Crowns. If you have a jewelry set (such as an entire line of jewelry) we will consider the set as one transaction (based on multiple units). We also accept antique (or estate) jewelry as well. Just bring your documentation for it, if it is available.

Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold is the Jewelry Pawn Shop Queen Creek Residents deserve!  Because we make the best cash offers, to either pawn or sell your jewelry.  As well as amazing gold, platinum, silver and diamond jewelry, available to buy at amazing prices!

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