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Pawn Gold And Get Rich Quick Through Our Pawn Loans

Gold jewelry is one of the most valuable items that we’ll ever own in our day-to-day lives. When money is tight, using that value is a quick and safe way to secure your finances. At Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold, you can pawn gold for cash in mere minutes.

What separates Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold from others is you always have choices. To all residents in Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler, we offer a multitude of options to get the fast cash you need. All of our customers have the option of either pawning or selling their gold depending on their situation. As a result, you leave our pawn shop with plenty of cash in hand either way. Ultimately though, the option is up to you.

When you pawn gold your loan is based on the Purity + Weight = CASH!

Pawn Gold vs. Sell Gold

A pawn loan allows customers the option to reclaim their gold jewelry, but requires the payment of interest as well. Some customers prefer to just outright sell their gold instead of pawning it. One way or another, Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold is the place to sell or pawn gold in Mesa!

The cash amount customers get for pawning or selling their gold will depend on a few factors. When it comes to gold jewelry, there’s many different levels of purity and also types of gold that will ultimately influence the price we pay. We update our buying/pawning prices on a near daily basis based on the current gold price around the world. This ensures that all of our customers selling or pawning their gold jewelry are getting both the fairest and the highest cash offer possible.


Pawn Gold for fast cash on a 90 day loan at Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold

How Long is the Pawn Loan Good For?

At Oro Express Mesa, our goal is never to repossess a customer’s gold. It is to help them find financial stability in their life. Moreover, we’re more than happy to help those that are unable to repay the loan in full in 90 days. With just a payment of the interest accrued, we can extend it another 90 days. From Mesa to Tempe to Chandler, our gold loans are here to help customers find fast cash when they need it.

When you pawn gold jewelry you are loaned cash for 90 days. It is your choice how much you pay and when during that time. If paid off prior to the 60th day of the contract, we will deduct a redemption discount from the total amount due. Some choose to make payments bi-monthly or monthly. Others pay it all off anywhere from 2 weeks after receiving the loan or on the day the contract expires.

We also offer the option at the end of the 90-day term to extend the loan for another 90 days. The only requirement we ask of our customers is to pay the interest accrued. After that, we’re more than happy to extend the loan for another 90 days. The beauty in this kind of collateral loan is that your gold loan can be extended an indefinite number of times. No matter if you’re from Tempe, Mesa, or Chandler, we’re more than happy to extend your gold jewelry loan as long as you need.

Pawn Gold at Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold for the best payouts around for a 90 day loan

Is There Any Gold That I Can’t Get A Loan On?

At Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold, we don’t discriminate! No matter the type of gold you’ve got, we can guarantee that we will happily hand you cash when you pawn gold at our store. You can pawn gold chains, gold bracelets, gold watches, bars, coins, gold jewelry, you name it, we will happily loan against it in. We even pawn gold crowns, if we get them, that is.

We can’t stress enough that as the best pawn shop Mesa trusts, all gold is as good as cash at Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold. Whether it’s gold jewelry, a quarter of a gold bar, a keychain — if it’s got gold in it, then we will put cash in your hand. With only trained experts, most of our sell gold customers can be in and out with money in hand in under ten, and sometimes even five minutes.

If you’re looking to sell your gold for cash in Mesa, Tempe, or Chandler, then Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold is here to buy it. Paying the most cash prices seven days a week, we’re also happy to provide free quotes on any gold you may have at no cost to you.


pawn gold for the most cash possible at Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold

Why Go to Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold?

Having been a pawnbroker for the Mesa community for over a decade means we are well established in helping customers get the financial break they need. We have maintained this level of excellence for Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert and more. So don’t delay, come pawn gold at our pawn shop today! Open seven days a week, we’re the only place in Mesa to turn to get fast cash for gold.

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