Pawn Gold And Get Rich QUICKLY Through Our Pawn Loans

Let’s be honest, don’t just have us buy your gold so you can never have it back again. You worked hard for that gold. Rather than just part ways, why not get a pawn loan instead? That’s what we encourage you to pawn gold here at Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold!


Pawn Gold vs. Sell Gold

Nothing’s wrong with selling your gold to us. We’ll do that too, but let’s take a step back. If we buy your gold, that’s it. You don’t get the gold back if you changed your mind. We have to sell it back to you and from there it’s based on what we value the gold at. After all, you sold it to us. A pawn loan is different in that even though you DO have to pay us back, you still own the gold. We just hold onto it for up to 90 days until you pay the loan back. If you would like some more information to how that works, please feel free to contact us via phone, online chat, or check our FAQ page here.

Pawn Gold with us and get money from doing it.

Is it just limited to gold nuggets? What else can I bring?

We don’t have a love for just gold nuggets. We will accept any form of gold as part of a pawn loan. You can pawn gold chains, gold bracelets, gold watches, bars, coins, gold jewelry, you name it, we will take it in and offer you the cash you need through a pawn loan. We even pawn gold crowns…if we get them, that is. We do ask that any and all gold teeth be kept where they are. We have no desire to clean them from where they came.

The timeframe of a pawn loan when you pawn gold and silver with us.

How long is the pawn loan good for?

The loan itself will last for 90 days or until you pay the loan off in full. Whichever comes first. If you pay off the loan early, you get your gold items back and we’ll call it there. If you need more time to pay, just pay the interest and the loan is extended for an additional 90 days. Keep in mind, once you pay the interest, the loan amount is recalculated and then you are held responsible for a new loan payment. Sadly, we can’t just keep the same interest forever. And finally, if you want to wash your hands of the loan, simply let us know and we’ll take in the gold as your payment. It’ll be just like selling us your gold. But keep that in mind as a LAST RESORT. If the gold is precious to you, you’ll make the effort to get it back. We can help you with that too, if need be. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us or visit our FAQ page by clicking the link provided here.

Why go to Oro Express Mesa?

Having been a pawnbroker for the Mesa community for over a decade means we are well established in helping customers get the financial break they need. We have maintained this level of excellence for the city of Mesa and her surrounding cities of Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert and more. So simplify your search for a place to pawn gold you own. Oro Express Mesa welcomes you and your business today!