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We can’t be called a ‘pawn shop’ if we don’t accept items to pawn. That would be like asking for a glass of water and getting a plate of sand. So it would make sense that we want to pawn items of value so you can get cash out of the deal. So don’t let your treasures become trash, and stop by Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold today and get the money you deserve! You can pawn…

Cell PhonesLaptopsBeats Headphones – TVs – Xbox – PlayStation – Apple iPadApple iPhoneComputersMusical InstrumentsAudio / Video EquipmentDesigner Handbags – And more!


We pawn gold jewelry, gold coins and scrap gold based on the spot price of gold after we confirm its purity and weightYou receive the best offers when we pawn cell phones at Oro Express MesaWe pawn watches, Rolex, Breitling, OMEGA & more for cash on a 90 day loan

What Else Can We Pawn?

Interesting question. Well, the most common things we take are gold and silver. We pawn those items often enough that our staff can inform you of their value easily. We also will provide you a pawn loan on the spot for these wonderful precious metals. Diamonds also have a strong following as well. A ‘Girl’s best friend’ is our closest confidant and we have seen quite a few come our way. We’ve also pawn some of the more interesting items we’ve come across, from the expected Video Game Consoles and TVs to even the obscure but sought after Power Tools.

As we’ve stated earlier, we pawn any item that is of value to us, so if you think you have something that can get you some extra money, stop by today.

We Pawn Jewelry - Phoenix Pawn & Gold

How Do We Pawn Items For A Cash Loan?

The process is simple. First, bring the aforementioned item(s) to our store. Once there, our staff will inspect the item(s) external and working condition, and based on its current market value will make a cash offer for a pawn loan. Can’t beat cold hard cash! Naturally, as this is a 90 day loan, you pay back the principal, plus the interest accrued on contract. However, we give you 90 days to do so!

The good news doesn’t stop there. During that time, you have several ways to pay off the loan. First, you can simply pay us back the full amount in one lump sum at any time during the 90 days. There is NO penalty for paying off the loan early. In fact, we encourage it! It proves you turned your financial situation around. In the end, if the loan is payed before or by the 59th day of the contract, we will deduct a redemption discount from the total amount due.

Second, you can just pay us the interest on the loan. This will give you an extension of another 90 days. Life happens, and we’re here to help when it does. Finally, should you truly wish to part ways at any time or at the 90th day, let us know and we’ll use the item(s) you gave us as payment. Keep this in mind as a LAST RESORT.

We Pawn Anything at Oro Express Mesa

What Separates Oro Express Mesa From the Competition?

Let’s begin with the less obvious: We pawn with purpose. That purpose is giving you the most value in your item(s) so you can come back to us again should the need ever arise. We’re not afraid to take even the most obscure of rarities should it be of value to us. Now for the more obvious:

This is not our first rodeo as a pawnbroker. We’ve been in successful business for the past decade serving local Mesa residents to help them find the financial freedom they deserve when we pawn their valuables. As a result, our customers know where to go if they are needing some temporary assistance, as well as a place to find quality items at an affordable price!

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