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Local Mesa Coin Shop!

Local Mesa Coin Shop gives fast cash for coins and more!Whether you are looking to pawn, buy or sell coins, we are your coin store! Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold loves coins! We are your local Mesa coin shop that the East Valley trusts! We know the value of Mint Coins, Bullion Coins, and the collection of graded coins.

Pawn Gold, Silver, and Old Coins for Cash!

At Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold, we can get you the fast cash you need in a financial bind by pawning your coins! To Pawn Coins, the process is incredibly simple. Many of us seem to just have either silver coins, gold coins, or even some old coins lying around. To get your cash, your coins are put into what is known as a pawn loan.

A pawn loan is a type of collateral loan, not that much different from a car loan or a house mortgage that you might have. The only difference is that the pawn loan uses your coins to secure the loan. Meaning that if you don’t pay back the loan what we do is just take possession of the items and sell them to cover the loan amount.

Click on the live-chat if you have questions before you come to us as your local Mesa coin shop!For more information about how pawn loans work, click on the bottom right of your screen. You will be connected with our next available assistant, via Live Chat. They will be able to answer your questions, and begin the process before you arrive at our store, or even just give us a call at (480) 610-8009.

Terms to Pawn Loans at Your Local Mesa Coin Shop

All of our pawn loans are for a total of 90 days. For the duration of the loan we will keep your coins safe and secure in our vault, as a local Mesa coin shop that you can trust.

You are welcome to pay off the loan at any time during the 90 days, without incurring fees or charges for early payment. In fact, this local Mesa coin shop offers an incentive to pay off the loan early. If your loan is paid prior to the 60th day, we deduct a redemption discount from the total amount due!

As soon as the loan is paid off in full, we will gladly retrieve them from the vault, and return them to you in the same condition they were received.

Sell Gold, Silver, and Old Coins for Cash!

We provide fast cash to pawn or sell graded coins at Oro Express Mesa - Local Mesa Coin ShopGold, Silver, and Old Coins equal cold, hard cash at Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold, aka Local Mesa Coin Shop. Most gold and silver coins are going to have bullion value. Which means the value of the coin is just the value of the metal that it’s made of. When you sell your gold or silver coins, bullion value is based on weight and purity percentage. Combined with what the price of gold or silver is that day is what your coin will be worth when we buy your coin.

Silver coins are the most common and vary in their purity. The most recognizable silver coin that is 99.9% pure silver is the American Silver Eagles.

Coins can also have numismatic value which is value normally attributed to either old or antique coins. Numismatic value is the same as intrinsic value. In other words, it is based solely on its rarity and how valuable it is to collectors. These types of coins are the most uncommon because with how many coins that enter into the world’s circulation, it means that many are not very rare typically. If you really think you have a coin with numismatic value, feel free to text or call us at 480-610-8009.

Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold has been proudly serving the areas of Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and Queen Creek for over a decade as a local mesa coin shop in the east valley. Whether you want to pawn coins, sell coins, buy coins, silver, gold, antique, old, whatever the case, we’re here to help! Call or visit today for a free quote and get the cash you need in a jiff!

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