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Pawn Silver With Us And Get The Cash You Deserve!

Silver is a precious metal that is highly sought after. Why? Because of its precious metal qualities, yet it is a more viable commodity, due to being much more affordable than gold or platinum. Which makes it a lot easier to acquire a larger collection of it, in many different forms. And we here at Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold understands this! We also understand you may want to hold onto your silver, but you are in a tight spot for cash. If that’s the case, we might have just the perfect solution for you! You can pawn silver for a 90 day cash loan, allowing you to use your silver for cash.

Pawn Silver with us today!

Pawn Silver and Get Cash In Your Hands Today

Although some people are willing to just outright sell their silver, others goal is to make sure that they can get it back in the end. That is why Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold will hand you cash today when you pawn silver for 90 day loan.

For us to determine how much we can loan you, the first thing our pawnbroker will have to do is assess your silver’s value. The process begins with confirming the purity of the silver, to what it is marked or struck with. If it is silver jewelry, the hallmark is placed discreetly, so it does not affect the pieces visual appeal. Once located, our pawnbroker will take a sample of flakes to test with our touchstone. This will not affect your jewelry’s aesthetics and will actually keep your jewelry from the harm’s way of testing directly on it.

After the hallmark is confirmed, the silver will be weighed on our scale for precious metals. With the weight now known, they will check the status of the current spot price and calculate our cash offer to present to you to pawn silver. Please keep in mind, that our assessments are free of charge, and are never under any obligation to be accepted.

Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold is the place to pawn silver for cash on a 90 day loan

If Cash Offer is Accepted to Pawn Silver

Once our offer is accepted, we will need to complete the paperwork. To do this, we will need you to provide your current and valid ID, to verify your age, and for our records. Although we do require this, a pawn loan is never reflected on your credit score, and is a completely confidential transaction between you and the store.

After our pawnbroker goes over the agreement with you and the terms when you pawn silver, they will show you where you need to sign. After it is completed and signed, they will count out the offer in cash and directly hand it to you. After that, your silver items will be placed in our vault, until you return to retrieve it, by paying the loan in full.

When you pawn silver you will have 90 days to satisfy the loan and retrieve your silver valuables from our storePawn Loan Terms

You will have 90 days to satisfy the loan and retrieve your belongings. We will accept partial payments throughout the 90 days, or you can pay it in one lump sum. If you pay back the loan in full by the 59th day of the loan, a redemption discount will be deducted from the total amount due when you pawn silver at our store. Costing you less for us to return your silver coins and/or jewelry to you. When we hand you back your silver valuables, they will be in the same condition when they were received.

If you are having difficulty paying the loan in full by the 90th day, we will work with you so you don’t have to sacrifice your silver. By paying only the interest accrued during the loan, we can rewrite the loan for another 90 days. And, we can do this as many times as you may need and choose to do so.

Pawn silver coins, silver bullion or silver jewelry for the most cash possible at Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold

Are There Types of Silver That You Look For?

Silver can come in many forms, and we’ll happily accept them all. We pawn silver jewelry, silver coins and bullion, and much more. Our staff will appraise the silver you bring to us and provide a pawn loan for its worth within moments after the assessment. If you agree with the amount of the pawn loan, then we give you the money just as quickly as we did appraising your work. In fact, Oro Express Mesa is one of the most well-known silver pawn shops in Mesa to date.

Yes, you can pawn silver with us!

So Is That the Reason We Should Go to Oro Express Mesa?

Our track record speaks for itself. We get more silver customers than any other pawn shop in town. In addition, we have the experience necessary of seeing the full value of your silver’s troy ounce. Our experienced staff has been in the pawnbroker business for over 10 years. Their combined knowledge expands over thirty years. We proudly serve the community of Mesa with our top class customer service and have also served the cities of Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, and beyond. So, stop by today and get an extra boost in money from your silver pawn, courtesy of Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold!

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