Finding a Local Pawn Shop near Me if I’m not at Oro Express Mesa
A Pawn Shop near me that is just as great as OEM...challenge accepted!


There will be times that you may not make it to our store but do not fret: We still assist by offering some areas to go to that are on the same level of excellence (but not quite) as us here at Oro Express:

When looking for a pawn shop that’s nearest you, it’s always important to also factor in the actual transaction time when you do get there.  Why drive five minutes to the nearest pawn shop only to have to wait thirty minutes due to incompetent employees, or due to the fact they simply take a long time to appraise your goods?  At Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold, we not only boast longer operating hours than most other pawn shops, but we also ensure to staff enough employees that all transactions, no matter if it be electronics, silver, gold, cell phones, computers, or whatever, take only a few minutes of your time.  The reason residents of Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler visit the pawn shop nearest them is to get fast cash.  If we wanted to wait to get our cash, then there’s plenty of other financial options an individual can explore.

We’ve established thorough pawn shop procedures for all of our employees to follow so that when people are visiting the pawn shop nearest them, they can ensure that the time spent securing their fast cash is the same as the time it took them to get there.  Particularly when it comes to appraisals, we ensure that we’re quick.  From gold to diamond jewelry, electronics like cell phones or laptops, bicycles, smartphones, musical instruments or coins — we can get you in and out of our Mesa pawn shop in mere minutes with the cash you need.  On top of that, any one of our employees has no issue whatsoever with providing you a no cost quote on any of your items.  Particularly when dealing with gold jewelry, it’s not uncommon to want to get a few cash values before you commit to something.  We completely understand that, and are more than happy to help you evaluate your options at no charge to you.  We can ensure that our prices are the highest you’ll find in Mesa, Tempe, or Chandler, and are constantly doing research to ensure that we stay at the top of the market.


So what’re you waiting for?  We’re the pawn shop nearest in many different parts of Mesa, and are constantly updating our cash prices to ensure we’re paying the most cash possible in Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler.

A Pawn Shop Near Me that's further East of OEM.

B And B Pawn and Gold

If you question goes something like “Is there a Pawn Shop near me on the eastern part of town?”, B and B Pawn and Gold is the place. This pawn shop is just right off of the Corner of East Main Street and South Stapley Drive inside the Sherwood Mesa Plaza Shopping Center. An easy to access locale, this fine establishment has a Google Review Score of 4.7 (based on 33 reviews), which is incredible for a Pawn Shop.