Bad Credit Title Loans from Oro Express Mesa


Do you  have bad credit and need cash?  Oro Express Mesa is here to help.  Many people simply think that they’re lending ability is simply completely tapped out once they are hit with bad credit.  With most financial institutions, that would be the end of the road, but at our Mesa pawn shop we believe otherwise.  Our No Credit Title Loans are a quick solution to getting you fast cash despite what past creditors might think.

A No Credit Title Loan is a form of collateral loan available in Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler, and allows you to turn your car directly into cash.  The reason we’re able to look past credit when many other financial institutions might require is because the approval process pretty much only requires your vehicle.  The value of your title loan and the cash available to you is solely dependent on the car you drive to our pawn shop.  While we can take into consideration other factors to perhaps get you more cash, our Bad Credit Title Loans only require that you have a car.  Let’s take a look at how the process works and how you can turn your car into cash in minutes.


Appraising Your Vehicle for a Title Loan


The appraisal process is the most important portion of the title loan process as it’s the main indicator for how much cash you’re able to get out of your vehicle.  This is what separates Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold apart from other title loan lenders: our ability to accurately appraise your vehicle allows us to loan the most cash on your vehicle.

To get an appraisal started, either bring your car on down to our pawn shop (no appointment needed!), or fill out our Online Title Loan Application.  We always suggest getting pre-approved with our online form first as this helps expedite the process even further.  While a title loan can get you in and out in under an hour with thousands already, it never hurts to shave another 30 minutes off that number.  Our online application allows us to work out your loan amount as well as loan terms like interest rate and payment amount.  It also means we can have all the paperwork ready to go as soon as you step inside our store meaning with just a few signatures

Our appraisals start with a Kelley Blue Book Private Party appraisal.  While this is far from all the information we use, it gives us a starting point for what the net worth of your vehicle might actually be.  Afterwards, we inspect everything from the interior, exterior, and overall running condition of the vehicle.  Obviously, the better condition the vehicle is in the more cash we’re able to loan, but in our quest to get our customers the most amount of cash possible we look at every factor we can.  If we’re not able to get up to the amount you need, then we’re able to include more factors like your employer, how much money you make, and things like having a spare key, or letting us store your vehicle.  This can get you more cash and also lower the interest rate.

So what’re you waiting for?  Come visit Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold today no matter whether you’re from Phoenix, Tempe, or Mesa, and we’ll get you the fast cash you deserve.

Repaying Your Title Loan


The reason why many are hesitant to enter into a title loan is the horror stories of other customers finding themselves two years later having not paid off any of the principal balance.  Our partner, Phoenix Title Loans, simply doesn’t believe in this practice and provides all of our title loan customers with a very clear cut repayment plan.  Other title loan lenders only require that you pay the interest off each month meaning you’re never actually getting any closer to paying off the loan.  All of our title loan products are amortized over a time of your choosing meaning that once you hit the end of the term, you’re completely paid off and your car is yours once again.  We’re in the business of helping our customers get back on their feet, not setting them back further, and in Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler, we’ll always be there to help you out.

Why Can You Ignore Bad Credit?


Because of the nature of title loans, a collateral loan, your credit is simply irrelevant to the entire process.  A collateral loan is one in which you use a valuable item as assurance you’ll pay back the loan.  We typically use credit as a way to look at the history of a person and whether they pay back their loans or not.  This is usually enough assurance for some people, but with bad credit, it becomes a bit impossible to borrow money from anyone.  A title loan allows you to put up your vehicle meaning that we have security in getting our investment back in case you don’t pay back the loan.  This allows us to look past things like credit, income type, and many other limiting factors a traditional loan institution might use to classify you.


You can go from zero to hero in less than an hour from our Mesa pawn shop folks.  We aren’t exaggerating about how quick we can get you thousands of dollars.  If you’d like even more information, visit our Title Loan Lender Phoenix Title Loans where you can find a mess of information about our three Mesa locations, our Online Application, How To Get the Most Cash, and many more great, informative articles.