Cash is a necessity of living in the East Valley. As we know, having cash when you need it helps out of a lot of situations. So does gold, but we don’t just trade gold openly like the old days in the West; you can’t buy a car or house with it alone. So you need a place to get cash for gold you own. Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold would like to throw their hat into the mix.

The Cash for Gold Mesa Residents Trust MOST

The method to get cash for gold is very straightforward. First, simply collect the gold you wish to bring to us. This gold can be in the form of any of the following:

  • Gold Bullion (Coin, Ingots, etc.)
  • Gold Jewelry (We’ll also appraise the jewelry as well)
  • Scrap Gold
  • Gold Nuggets
  • and more!

Whatever form of gold you have, don’t hesitate to bring it for the cash we can offer!

The Process of Getting Cash for Gold Jewelry, Coins, and Bullion

At Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold, we employ only professional gold dealers who between them all have decades of gold buying and gold selling experience.  While experts in precious metals, their expertise in gold jewelry is the most important as we’re sure our customers would want.  This ensures our ability to not only provide the most accurate valuations on all types of gold, but also ensure the highest possible cash for gold prices in Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler.

It all begins when you bring your gold down to our Mesa pawn shop in person.  While we’re happy to provide rough quotes over the phone or via our online chat, it’s near impossible to give accurate estimates without seeing the piece in front of us.  Our associates will perform a thorough visual inspection on your gold jewelry before doing anything else.  What’s of primary concern is the condition, quality, and purity that your gold may have.  Most of the time, this is indicated by a stamp that’s hidden on clasps of gold necklaces, inside gold rings, or some other kind of tucked away surface.  This ranges from 10 kt to 24 kt which is a rough purity difference of ~40% to ~99.9%.  Next, our professionals verify this purity with an acid test.  This poses no danger to the gold jewelry whatsoever and is done not on the jewelry itself, but on gold flakes from it.  The lack of reaction to special chemicals will verify the purity of the gold, and ultimately the cash price per gram of gold we can pay.

The most important bit is the last bit and that’s the weight of the gold.  The vast majority of gold jewelry has bullion value which is simply what the value of the gold content is worth in the global market.  Our visual inspection will uncover whether there’s additional intrinsic value depending on the quality of the piece.  Anyway, the combined gram weight and the purity allow us to make you a cash for gold offer that will be undoubtedly higher than any of our Mesa pawn shop competitors.  Should you accept, we’ll collect a few signatures and send you on your way with cold, hard cash in hand.  All-in-all, the process can be said and done within a matter of five minutes allowing you to go from zero to hero quickly.  Paying the highest cash for gold prices in Mesa, Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold is the only place to visit for your gold selling needs.

Oro Express Mesa is More than Just a Gold Buyer

We’re the first ones to understand that gold jewelry has more than just cash value to the majority of customers.  Many times it’s a gift from a loved one or close friend meaning it carries its own sentimental value as well.  We do not want to be the one to strip such a cherished gold jewelry item from our customers, so we’re happy to offer them another option: cash for gold loans.  Our gold loan option will allow you to leave with just about the same amount of cash while retaining the option to reclaim your gold jewelry within 90 days. All that would be required is a small interest payment plus the amount loaned and we’d place the gold jewelry right back in your hand.  At Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold we care about our customers and can ensure our cash for gold services will get you the hundreds of dollars you need in mere minutes.

So what’re you waiting for?  Get cash for gold jewelry, coins, and bullion in Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler from the top cash for gold place in town — Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold.

Indeed there is! Aside from getting the cash for gold Mesa locals trust, you can also look into getting pawn loans for other items in our store, such as electronic loans, or title loans from your vehicle thanks to our partner, Phoenix Title Loans. This arrangement of services gives us the edge that allowed us to remain in successful business for over two decades; even longer thanks to those same patrons that continue to use our services. Finally, we’re not limited to JUST Mesa; we also serve our surrounding sister cities of Tempe, Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, and all of the East Valley and Valley of the Sun in general.