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We Buy Gift Cards

For over a decade Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold continues offering more options to get cash they need. And, this is one more.  Because among our many attributes as a pawn shop, our ability to buy gift cards is at the top. We know that giving a gift card sometimes reflects the giver rather than the receiver.  Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold will give you cash for gift cards. Giving you cash to spend how and where is now up to you!

Gift Cards are Secured Cash

There are a couple of requirements that gift cards must meet for us to buy them. These are not just our personal guidelines, but are followed by any business that buys gift cards.

First, there must be a foil covering that’s securing a PIN number on the card. Once the PIN is exposed, there is no way to secure its value.  Thereby, Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold, cannot buy it if the foil is compromised in any way.

Also, there are some retailer’s gift cards that we unfortunately cannot buy. Because they simply either lack having a PIN number or the policies are too lax to risk buying it.


Our Associates Are a Click Away!

We know the value of a gift card and our highly trained staff would like to put cash in your pocket!

We update a list of the card’s we purchase weekly. Call us or click on our live-chat at the bottom right of the screen. Our staff will direct you to current listing of accepted cards and can give you an offer on-line. Once you enter the store, we can complete the transaction by mentioning the live chat.

Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold offers experience and the most cash possible…guaranteed!

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