Jewelry Store Mesa

There are many jewelry stores in the Valley of the Sun, Mesa in particular. As the largest city in the East Valley, its patrons are always looking for a jewelry store to call their own. Yet there is one jewelry store Mesa locals also know as their favorite pawn shop: Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold!

How is a Pawn Shop a Jewelry Store Mesa locals Trust?

Simply put, we always show our eagerness to acquire jewelry from patrons willing to part with them. As such, we’ve bared witness to the fashions and fine wares of East Valley residents over the years. From necklaces, to brooches, earrings to rings, these works of art have graced our store and thus, we offer our collection to collectors of jewelry and purchasers alike!

What Types of Jewelry Do You Take In?

Where to begin! First, all jewelry with precious metals are accepted.  This includes, but is not limited to, gold, diamonds, platinum, silver, native (turquoise and the like) and more. We also accept all types; this includes, but again not limited to, rings, earrings, brooches, tiaras, necklaces, bracelets, and others.

Since you’re a Pawn Shop, do you have other Services with Jewelry?

Yes, we do offer a multitude of services that you will not find in the traditional jewelry stores Mesa locals frequent. For example, we offer pawn loans for your jewelry, such as estate jewelry loans, diamond loans (loose or jewelry), gold loans (loose or jewelry), more. We also offer services outside of jewelry, such as pawn loans for general items, or title loans from vehicles you own. Finally, we’re a buyer of jewelry too. If you

That’s Quite the Array of Services!

Indeed. That’s how we managed to remain in successful operation for over several decades in the process. But the one thing most people overlook with a pawn shop, ours included, is that we are a STORE. Stores have to provide product to sell, and as such, we provide jewelry to customers that desire to buy them. And while we have you, check out our other selections that we have in store. Stop by today and see how we’ve become the jewelry store Mesa locals love to talk about!