Silver Loans Mesa


Silver; the second most sought after metal behind gold. Silver has its own following and is the most common precious metal used for jewelry. It also shines as a means of currency (coins in particular) as it is easier to handle than gold. So why are we mentioning this? We mention it because it’s important to let anyone who own silver can rely on our silver loans.

How do Silver Loans Work?

Silver loans work in the similar matter that our standard pawn loans we offer. First, bring us the silver you own (excluding silverware) to our store. Second, we’ll appraise the silver you own based on our experience and provide a loan-to-value estimate handed out in cash. Finally, if you agree to the loan-to-value, we give you the cash on hand shortly afterwards. Just a few minutes of paperwork and you get all that you need. That is what makes our silver loans the kind of silver loans Mesa residents come back for!

Is There a Time Limit to Repay the Loan?

There is. The time to repay the loan is 90 days. During this time, you can pay the loan in full, or pay the interest to keep the loan open. Should you pay the interest, understand that the loan will be rewritten with the new interest to pay for the remaining principal balance. That said, if you simply want the money, just let us know and we use the silver you gave us as the collateral to pay off the loan. Just keep in mind that we would be the owners of your silver when you make that decision. If you want it back, simply pay the loan back.

What Types of Silver Do You Take?

It would be a more apt question to ask what we DON’T take. For now, that is silverware. Yes, it may contain silver, but in most cases it’s based on a coating. We’ve had that happen to us before. Therefore, we ask you hold off on pawning your dining room set. Other than that, most silver products (bullion, jewelry, scrap, etc.) is accepted. However, we recommend contacting us FIRST before making the trip. Just to save you the trip if we have to say otherwise.

What Makes You so Sure You Have Silver Loans Mesa Locals Trust?

We’ve been in the business for some time. Over twenty years, in fact! That gives us some clout to offering services for our fellow Mesans. Just stop on by and see what we can offer you for your silver. Our loans are so beloved that customers from Tempe, Phoenix, Chandler, and more, so make it a priority to get the money you need now.