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Pawn Jewelry for Cash at Mesa’s Top Pawn Shop


When we find ourselves in a financial pinch, it can feel impossible to try and get back on our feet.  After all, it takes weeks to earn the few hundreds of dollars we do have, so how can you come up with that much money quickly?  The answer is simple as long as you’re in Mesa, Tempe, or Chandler — visit Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold.  If you’ve got silver, platinum, gold, or diamond jewelry sitting around, then you can put hundreds of dollars into your pocket in a mere matter of minutes.  As Mesa’s leading pawn shop, we ensure all of our customers are paid the appropriate worth for their jewelry, and ensure that they have plenty of time to repay their jewelry loan.  Let’s look at how it works, and how you can get yourself out of financial hardship with one simple visit.


What A Jewelry Loan Is

Pawning jewelry, or a jewelry loan, is a form of collateral loan which is very different from the typical financial loan instruments you find at banks.  The beautiful thing about a pawn loan is that there’s no need to have credit, income, or bills or anything like that.  There’s not even a verification process.  As long as you have a piece of jewelry, and a valid ID card, then you can put hundreds of dollars of cold, hard cash right into your pocket.

A pawn loan is a form of collateral loan in which the only security we as a pawn shop need in your ability to repay the loan is an item.  Instead of you filling out a bunch of paperwork and us researching your entire life story, we simply base the loan on the value of your gold, silver, or diamond jewelry.  The more expensive the jewelry, the higher amount we’re able to loan to you.  The professionals we have behind the counter have been dealing with jewelry for years upon years and are able to properly assess its value in order to get you the most cash possible.  So don’t delay, secure a jewelry loan in Mesa, Tempe, or Chandler today!


So, How Can I Pawn My Jewelry?

It all starts with a visit down to Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold.  Unfortunately, due to the wide variety of jewelry in the world, our associates need to see these pieces in person in order to come up with an accurate valuation of its worth.  There’s a benefit here, however, as the more accurate we can feel about our appraisal, the more cash we’re confident in lending to you.  Once you arrive, one of our associates will take the jewelry from you and conduct a brief visual inspection.  Most jewelry has what we refer to as bullion meaning that its value comes primarily from the precious metals (gold, silver, and platinum) that it’s made of.  This is usually good for customers as it means the quality of the jewelry doesn’t matter so much as the purity does.  What our associate will primarily be looking for is a stamp that’s usually tucked away somewhere on the piece of jewelry.  Depending on what metal it is, the stamp can vary.  Gold, for example, will have two numbers followed by the letters “kt” to indicate its purity, while platinum jewelry may just say “PLAT” in all capital letters.  Either way, this provides us with a starting point with which to test the jewelry.

Next, we’ll perform an acid test on flakes of the piece of jewelry.  We collect this flakes with a special stone that does no damage to the jewelry.  This will either verify the purity that the stamp indicated, or will help us identify its purity if there was no stamp.  If there’s no reaction, that’s a good sign and means the gold, silver, or platinum jewelry is authentic.  The last step is to weigh it.  For precious metals, both our pawn shop and the global market go by gram weight to determine its value.  This plus the purity of the precious metal inside allows us to come up with a cash offer.

It’s at this point that it’s important to note why we’re Mesa’s top pawn shop.  Our prices for all precious metals are updated on a daily basis based on the global trading price of the metal, and our competitors.  We want to ensure that we’re always paying our customers the most cash possible, but also the fairest price possible.  Any customer in Mesa, Tempe, or Chandler would agree that pawning jewelry to us is the most profitable.  When you accept our cash offer, we’ll simply collect a few signatures from you and put cold, hard cash in your hand.  We don’t deal with checks, cards, or any of that nonsense.  You can simply pawn jewelry for cash in mere minutes.


Repaying Your Jewelry Loan is Quick and Easy

When you pawn jewelry, you’ve got plenty of time to come back and pay off your loan.  By Arizona Law, each and every one of our pawn loans is written out for a term of 90 days.  All of our customers are more than welcome to come back during that time and repay the loan at no penalty.  Come the end of the 90 days, Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold leaves our customers with two options.  We understand that 90 days is not always enough time to find financial security once again, and we try not to be in the business of making life harder for our customers.

If you’re still not ready to pay off the loan, then all that’s required is to pay the accrued interest of the jewelry loan and we’re more than happy to write it out for another 90 days.  Our customers in Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler are more than welcome to extend their loan as many times as necessary to find financial stability.

If you’re ready to put that silver, diamond, or gold jewelry back in your life, then by paying off the interest and the balance originally loaned, we’ll return your jewelry exactly the same as you brought it to us.  Again, after pawning your jewelry, you can come and pay off the balance at any time before the 90th day at no penalty to you.


Why Delay? Pawn Jewelry Today!

We’re Mesa’s most trusted pawn shop today, and we still will be tomorrow, but your jewelry isn’t getting more valuable.  If you need money for the holidays, or just to catch up financially, then stop on by to Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold for a jewelry loan.  You can be in and out in as little as five minutes and can sleep easy knowing that your finances are being sufficiently taken care of.  If you’re in Mesa, Tempe, or Chandler, bring down your gold, silver, platinum, or diamond jewelry today for a free loan quote.