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Our Pawn Shop Will Give You the Most Cash!!!


Welcome To Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold - Let us let you know about us as a pawn shop and a business

About Us

Unlike most of our competitors, we are ready, willing and able to offer you the most money for your items whether you wish to sell or pawn at our pawn shop in Mesa. Either way, you will walk out of ourpawn shop with cash in hand in Mesa! Don’t forget we also serve the surrounding areas of Gilbert, Queen Creek, & Chandler.

Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold

421 East Broadway Road

Mesa, Arizona 85204

Text Us At (480) 618-7145

Monday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Tuesday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Wednesday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Thursday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Friday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Saturday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Sunday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


We Offer the Best Loan-To-Value For Your Belongings

best loan-to-value percentage given in cash - Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold - About Us

Another thing about us at Oro Express Mesa, we’ve become Mesa, Arizona’s premier pawn shop. Because we practice the simple policy of quality customer service. We do this by providing you with an assessment of your items that is based on its internal / external condition and its current market value. So whether you are looking for a short term Pawn Loan or if you want to sell us your items outright, you can do so with the confidence of knowing that you received the best offer around in Mesa, Arizona.


Buy and Sell Electronics, Jewelry, & Tools

About us and buying your electronics at Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold

Do you need cash fast? Do you have gold watches, chains, bracelets, necklaces, old, broken or scrap jewelry? Bring them in to Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold in Mesa. With over 30 years experience in the gold, silver, diamond and other precious metals and gemstone trade, making us one of the top gold buyers in Mesa, Arizona. We will give you the most CASH FOR GOLDregardless of age. Because we base all of our cash offers from your gold’s purity, weight and the spot price, like bullion dealers do.


Pawn Loans in Mesa

Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold will give you a Pawn Loan or buy almost anything of value. Bring in your TV’s, DVD / Blue-Ray players, Stereos, Home Theater Systems, Video Gaming Systems (X-Box, PlayStation, Wii), new and used DVDs, Blue-Ray Discs and Video Games, Computers, Laptops, iPads, Tablets, Musical Instruments, Keyboards, Guitars, Amplifiers, Tools, Cell Phones (2 years old or newer), no matter what brands or type, our pawn shop will buy or give you a Pawn Loan on just about anything of Value!

We can also provide you with an AUTO TITLE LOANon your vehicles so you can get a cash loan using your car title as collateral.



About us and our fast cash policy

So if you need cash now then bring in your valuables to Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Goldtoday! Let one of our courteous and professional representatives assist you in getting the cash you need now!

Our pawn shop in Mesa operates under licenses granted by the City of Mesa and the County of Maricopa. Our operating procedures, policies and interest rates are regulated by the State of Arizona and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department. Everything is tightly regulated so you know you are getting a fair value for your item in our pawn shop in Mesa Arizona.

At our pawn shop in Mesa we always give you the most cash for your valuable items. Bring your items in to one of our two locations in Mesa or Chandler for an appraisal and walk out with top cash, no credit check is necessary.

Unlike most of our competitors, we give you the freedom to either sell your items for cash or receive a cash loan.

We can either: Buy your item outright and get cash fast. Loan you money using your valuable item as collateral and give you cash. GET YOUR ITEM BACK WITHOUT HAVING TO SELL IT!


About us and our payouts for diamonds at Oro Express Mesa

We are Arizona’s premier diamond buyer and gold buyer in Mesa. With over 30 years of experience in the gold and diamond trade, you can feel confident about us that we’ll pay you the most money for your valuables, should you choose to sell or receive a cash loan for your gold, diamonds, Rolex (and other watches), high end electronics, art, coins, antiques, and more. Another thing about us and our services is that we also provide auto title loans on your vehicles, offering cash loans using your car title as collateral.

If you need a short term cash loan and you believe you will be able to repay the pawn loan and retain possession of your item, it is ALWAYS better to use our PAWN LOAN services in Mesa, as well for the surrounding residents of Gilbert, Queen Creek, & Chandler.. We provide short term cash loans, giving the cash amount needed to suit your cash loan needs.


About Us and Repaying Pawn Loan to Retrieve Your Belongings?

About us and our 90 day pawn loans - Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold

The pawn loan is written for 3 months. If at any time during the 3 month loan duration you are able to repay the cash borrowed EARLY, you are welcome to do so. Another thing abut us is there is never any fees or charges incurred for early payment. In addition, if the loan is paid off in full by the 59th day, we will deduct a redemption discount.

About us and our loans, they do not affect your credit score in any way whatsoever. Whether you borrow $100 or $10,000 paying off your loan will not raise or affect your credit score. And vice versa, if you are not able to pay off your loan for whatever reason, no changes will be made to your credit score. You can treat a loan from us like a personal loan – such as one from your relatives, siblings, friends, etc.

If, after 3 months, you are unable to repay the cash loan amount in full, DON’T PANIC. You can pay only the interest. Do this and we will rewrite the pawn loan for an additional 3 months. Do this as often as you need to. Hold onto your cash loan as long as you need. We will work out a payment plan. This will be according to state lending guidelines, and to suit your cash loan needs.

If you are unable, after 3 months, to pay neither the full amount due, nor just pay the interest, the item will default and you will lose ownership. We will not come after you for your late payment. Another thing about us, we suggest a pawn loan, if you are only needing temporary cash.


The Best Pawn Shop in Mesa

Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold - A bit about us

We understand that Pawn Shops have a negative reputation. We will alleviate this misconception at least about us. Our Pawn shop operates under licenses granted by the City of Mesa, Chandler and the County of Maricopa. This is further enforced by Pawn Industry Regulations by the State of Arizona and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department. Everything about us and the items we sell or give a pawn loan on is run through the police department to ensure it is not stolen as well.

We also operate with full transparency throughout every part of the loan process to ensure that you are entirely confident and clear with the loan terms. And if at any time during the loan you have a question, you are always able to give us a call or email.


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