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The Best Jewelry Pawn Shop in Mesa, Tempe & Chandler

The Jewelry Pawn Shop in the Gem of Mesa

Come to the Jewelry Pawn Shop Where the Beauty in Jewelry Meets the Beauty of Cash:

Got Jewelry? Need Cash? Live in Mesa? If you’ve answered yes to all three, you are one step closer to turning your jewelry into cash! We are a prime Jewelry Pawn Shop that’s located in theWe offer the most cash possible when you sell old jewelry to Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold, Your Jewelry Pawn Shop Temple Historic District: Oro Express Mesa! Let us assist you as your jewelry pawn shop, by turning your diamond, gold, silver, and platinum jewelry into cash!

The beauty of jewelry is it’s ability to hold value. Therefore, your diamonds, gold, platinum and silver jewelry can become cash in hand quickly! Whether it is a short term loan you are seeking, or to sell your jewelry outright, we are here to help!

Our staff has the knowledge, experience and the latest technology to authenticate your jewelry free of charge. That is why we are the top jewelry store and pawn shop you’ll find in all of Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Queen Creek, or Chandler.

Turn Jewelry Into Cash

Bring your jewelry in to us and within minutes leave with cash in hand! Besides buying your jewelry, we also offer secured short term loans. Because we are a full service pawn shop, we are able to offer you the most cash at Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold. If you’ve got jewelry, and are looking to get cash in Mesa, Tempe, or Chandler, look no further.

If you’re ready to part ways with your jewelry, you can simply sell your silver, gold, platinum or diamond jewelry to us and we’ll give you cash. Because of our expertly trained staff and the latest technical advances, we will accurately determine the market value of your jewelry. Based on this value, we can put cash into your pocket after collecting a few signatures.

Because not everyone wants to part with their jewelry, we also provide short term loans as an option. This alternative is also based on the value as well, but utilizing it as collateral for a 90 day short term loan. No credit checks, proof of income or job verification is necessary! It is that easy!!

We happily accept paying off your pawn loan prior to the 90 days, giving you back your jewelry without penalty fees. Maybe you are in need of an extension on the loan. Most importantly, here at Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold, we’re really not in the business of taking customer’s silver, gold, or diamonds and do everything in our power to prevent that. You’re more than welcome to extend the loan as many times as you may need at no additional cost to you. We understand that it takes time to achieve financial stability and will be here as Mesa’s top jewelry pawn shop every step of the way.

When You Need Cash Your Jewelry Pawn Shop Can Help!

Everyone, man or woman, is in need of cash when in a tight spot. This brings about the tough decision to, possibly, part ways with some jewelry. But rather than get the short end of the deal, come to us so we can provide you the most cash for your jewelry. Also, since we offer loans, you can still get your favorite jewelry piece BACK once you pay off the loan. That’s the beauty in jewelry we see here at Oro Express Mesa. If you have more questions in regards to how our pawn loans work, simply follow the link below to our FAQs page:

Frequently Asked Questions

Jewelry Pawn Shop Mesa relies on is Oro Express Mesa!

What Types of Jewelry Do We Accept for Cash?

The million dollar question at last! Well, Oro Express Mesa, as your jewelry pawn shop, gladly takes in the following types of jewelry (but we don’t limit ourselves to just these):

OEM proudly serves the City of Mesa, along with the neighboring cities of Tempe and Chandler. Let us continue this tradition and serve you today as your Jewelry Pawn Store!

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