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Grind Down the Debt – Here’s a Jump Start from Oro Mesa

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Grind Down the Debt – Here’s a Jump Start from Oro Mesa

It’s a never ending battle. Just when you think you finally have a grip on the debt that has held you back, BOOM. Life happens. Now you’re back in over your head, collectors calling and the repo man just eyeing you hard like a starving man on an all-you-can-eat buffet line. Not the best situation, but sometimes, all too common. Fortunately, Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold has a few tips and services we can provide for you.

1.) Bring Down Your Debt, Even When You Get Our Pawn Loan, By Budgeting.

This is important, even when you get a pawn loan from us. While we have the ability to give you money from your items via a pawn loan, you still have to be aware of what you DO with the money. That means budgeting it out to cover what you need. Is it to pay for a late bill to become current? Cover a new expense? Do you have all the rest of your bills handled? Either way, let our pawn loan be a means to resolve your financial burdens. Start with what the money can do to fix your issues immediately; getting enough groceries to cover time involved to resolve debts is one example. Planning out your work week and what you spend throughout that week is another example. All made possible through the extra funding provided by our pawn loans!

2.) You Have 90 Days to Make Better Financial Steps. Plan Ahead.

Should you decide to use our pawn loans to grind down debt, the duration is 90 days to repay. This is the moment to turn your financial situation around for the better; however, you have to have a plan of action to make it work to your benefit, or things will end up worse. During this time, you can use the extra funding to further pursue employment opportunities, from local businesses to franchises (There IS work our there, if you seek it). Also keep in mind that you do have a time limit to pay us back for the loan; which is, again, 90 days. Here are some ways to plan ahead and save time and energy on your grind (in no particular order):

  • Apply online for most businesses; whether you have a computer and access to the internet at home or happen to be close by the local library.
  • Search for local business that are hiring part-time or full-time employment; be it for the second job or a replacement job.
  • Re-evaluate your spending and look to find ways to get more for less OR cut out entirely; or both.
  • Set time tables to get these and other financial goals done.

While it may seem daunting thinking about better financial steps, it’s just as important to be involved and take action. By getting a pawn loan, which could be from your gold, diamonds, jewelry, electronics, most items of value, you’re taking a critical step in changing your financial outcome for the better.

3.) When You Pawn Your Items, You’re Making a Commitment to Yourself!

Yes, we as a pawn shop would love to give you money for your items, but that’s not why you did WHAT you did. You made a commitment to improve your situation with our pawn loans. It’s a stepping stone to success that you deemed necessary. EVERY customer that walks through our door thinks this, and while we may not say it outright, we fully understand this, and work to offer the most loan-to-value we can for those items. This commitment to our customers that are committed to better financial success is one of the many reasons we still remain in business for over a decade. It’s also the reason why many from across the Valley continue to do business with us; from Mesa, to Chandler, Tempe to Casa Grande, Phoenix to Scottsdale.

Oro Mesa recognizes and respects the Grind to bring down debt. So if you need that money now and willing to offer collateral for it, we’re here and ready to help out. Contact us and visit our store today!

Diamond Earrings - Diamond Earring Loans - Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold

Diamond Earrings are a Great Holiday Gift!

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Christmas is just around the corner, and with it, the need for a quality gift ideas. The staple that shows a loved one that you care is always the gift of diamond earrings. Another great benefit of diamond earrings, surprisingly enough, is diamond earrings loans. What are diamond earrings loans? And how do they work? What if you just need to buy diamond earrings? Read on and find out…

I Just Want To Buy Diamond Earrings, And Just That…

We get it. You just need that diamond earring for that special someone. It’s a done deal with us! Oro Mesa has an assortment of diamond earrings to choose from. Looking for simple studs? We have them. Clip on Earrings? We have them too! In fact, if you want to save yourself the time and trip, don’t hesitate to contact us first to find out the exact selection we have as our selections shift from time to time.

Ok, What’s So Great About Diamond Earring Loans?

Simple. It’s a way to get some extra money when you need to get it quickly. Simply send us the earrings themselves and we’ll make a pawn loan based on its loan to value. Also make sure to have proper ID issue by the State of Arizona (usually a current and valid Driver’s License). While this isn’t a deal breaker, having the original packaging and receipt helps in the authentication process. Then, with all in place, you get the cash you need from your diamond earrings. Diamond earrings are an extension of the principle form of a diamond loan. However, to be fair, hold off on getting diamond earring loans if you’re looking for new pairs. It wouldn’t sit well with your fiancé.

Do You Only Take Diamond Earrings?

Fortunately, we are more than willing to provide other types of loans in the pursuit of you purchasing earrings with us. If you like, check our FAQ page on how we handle such loans as well as the various types of loans offered. We also offer ourselves as a Diamond Buyer, meaning we take in diamond regardless of their form. The earrings simply reflect that philosophy.

What Makes Oro Express Mesa The Best Place to Shop?

Ah, the million dollar question. The answer is this: as a business, our job is to provide the best service possible. If not, we don’t remain in business. This philosophy is how we remain in business for over a decade and beyond. We are also a locally owned and operated business; right here in the Valley of the Sun. This gives us the edge we need to provide the best service possible, as we too must make a living. This is the standard we’ve worked by when serving the cities of Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, and more. So if you need diamond earrings or diamond earring loans, you have the solution: Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold!

Musical Instruments Loans Mesa

Musical Instrument Loans Mesa

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Music is a part of our culture. Be it rocking out on guitar, or enjoying classic viola it is something we enjoy. But it can also be a costly venture, at times. Do not despair in this case! Oro Express Mesa can get you musical instrument loans for that quick rush of cash in times of trouble.

Musical Instrument Loans here at Oro Express Mesa!

So, for musical instrument loans, you loan out instruments?

Not exactly. We use instruments as a means to give you cash. The process is the same as any pawn loan. You provide the instruments themselves and we’ll offer the cash at the store.

So how do you determine what counts as musical instrument loans?

Simple. We inspect the instruments you give us and after assessment we offer a cash loan for the value of the instrument. This process is the same as our pawn loans from other items we take in. However, we do have standard us to take in instruments. They must be intact with little to no damage. We do recommend having the case that comes with the instrument for storage.

What items do you take in?

Naturally, we take in near any assortment of musical instruments. Classical instruments such as violins and cellos. Brass instruments such as trumpets and baritones. Even rock guitars and the occasional drum set or two qualify. We make it so you can loan us your instruments and we’ll give you cash for it. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to visit our FAQ page.

The wrap-up and takeaway…

Oro Mesa is a respected pawn shop helping the people of Mesa for over ten years. We look for ways to expand our business to suit the needs of customers. Following this believe, we remain in business for over ten years. Because of this, our services have brought people from beyond the city of Mesa. Now we assist customers that come from Tempe, Phoenix, Chandler and many, MANY more. So stop by Oro Express Mesa today, and we can make beautiful music toward financial freedom together!

Auto Title Loans Mesa

Auto Title Loans Mesa

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Auto Title Loans are always given a mixed welcome. Some see it as a necessary evil, others a growing pain. But we can ease that burden here at Oro Express Mesa.

Auto Title Loans are stylish and keep cash in your pocket!

Why the push for Auto Title Loans?

For starters, almost everyone has a vehicle. You drive it to work, school, the grocery store, etc. You can also use it as a means for extra CASH for your financial troubles. The irony is most people don’t realize this simple fact. They also may have doubts to how the process can even work. We can answer some of the questions that they have here in our Auto Title Loans page. If you feel more comfortable with definite answers, stop by our store and we will explain in detail.

Do I give up my car while the loan is in effect?

Short answer: NO. We understand your car is YOURS, so we allow you to drive the vehicle if it’s important to your livelihood. Additionally, we give ample solutions and time to pay back the loan to us. Yes, this is a loan. Also understand, that the car IS collateral when you do get auto title loans through us. This is a standard procedure for all Title Lenders in the State of Arizona. We use the title itself as the ‘deed’ to your car, in a sense.

How is Oro Express Mesa any different from the rest?

Three reason allow us to stand out. One, Oro Mesa has been in this business for over a decade (as if we didn’t hammer that in enough). Our business model has proven the test of time and economic tossing and turning. Second, we hire local experts and citizens of Mesa so they can better understand and empathize with our customers. This allows for great customer service. Third, we have a secret weapon, which we will reveal now! Our partnership with Phoenix Title Loans, LLC gives us an advantage over the competition. Thus we have become to the Go-To store for the residents of Mesa, along with Tempe, Chandler, Phoenix and Beyond.

power tool loans mesa

Tool Loan Mesa

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Getting money is always a challenge. Overcoming this challenge requires the right tools in hand. You can use your tools as colletaral for a cash loan, aka a tool loan, at Oro Express Mesa!

A Tool Loan? Using tools in a loan?

Yep! Think of it as a ‘tool loan’ in a sense. You are using the tools themselves as the collateral needed to get the cash you desire. And true to our standing as a pawn shop, we will offer you cash for your tools lent to us. You show us your tools, and as a result we show you the cash.

What tools do you accept for a tool loan?

For the best loan-to-value, we recommend any power tools you’re willing to offer. Some of the brands we’ve seen grace our stores have been the big names: Stahl, DeWalt, Black and Decker, Hitachi, even Snap-on! This does not mean we only take the tools that run on power. Screwdriver sets, wrenches, and Tool Kits qualify in this loan. Keep in mind that these sets MUST be complete. If it’s missing even ONE of the parts, we will be turn it down. That, in turn, will make us sad. We want to give you money for your tools, rather than turn you away.

The right tools for the right amount of cash! Tool Loan Mesa

How is your ‘tool loan’ different from a rental?

Not to be confused with a loaning of tools (like a rental), we offer cash for when you bring your tools to us. This is essentially a pawn loan/cash loan. You would come to our store, present the tool to us and in conclusion, we would offer a loan for it. This loan is good for 90 days, as standard practice. Once you are ready to pay back the money lent, stop by the store. We will not hassle you for paying it early. If anything, it’ll put a smile on our faces that you are able to get back on financial track. Finally, we offer options to pay us back that works around your schedule. Stop by the store to find out more information.

Is Oro Express the place to go for these types of loans?

To conclude, the answer is yes. Oro Express Mesa is still a respected store for over ten years thanks to our loans. We offer loans to our customers in the hopes that our assistance will get them back on their feet. This allows us to serve many customers in Mesa over the years, and continue to do so. We also serve those in the cities of Tempe, Chandler, Phoenix and beyond.


used computer store mesa

Used Computer Store Mesa

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Used Computer Store Mesa, Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold!

School’s back in session. You spent all your money on needed supplies such as Books, Paper, Pencils and the like. Now the expense of computers comes into play. It’s not always wise to buy the latest and greatest. Getting a used computer serves the job too. That’s why we are both a used computer store and a Pawn Shop.

What used computers do you even HAVE?

Oro Express Mesa has received many computers over the years. Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, you name it. We have even taken PALMPILOTS when they were popular. If it can be used for studies on the go or in the home, we have it here.

What are the most common brands you have?

We have an ample supply of Apple based computers, but that does not mean we exclusive take in Apple. We have also our fair share of hp, Dell, Gateway, Sony, and more. Even the obscure brands like Asus, Acer, and Lenovo have been in our stores before.

Why go the ‘Used’ route?

A good question. First, we can only take in machines that function properly. New models are much cleaner but can malfunction just like used units. Second, cost. Plain and simple. Because we’re a pawn shop we make an effort to sell our computers at a lower rate than most local businesses. Finally, you will receive the complete computer with all the core accessories that come with it.  This is the standard we uphold for all electronics and computers are no different.

Why Oro Express, and why as a used computer store?

Oro Express is a Pawn Shop of considerable standing as a business in Mesa, AZ. Over ten years of business prowess, we have the wisdom to get the best machines and mark them at prices we know will move product. Our staff is local so they understand what’s hot in Mesa. We’re more than just a pawn shop. As we recieve products from our customers, we BECOME a used computer store in the process. Thanks to our customers, YOU, we are kept up to date with the latest tech that enters our doors. It’s only natural we return the courtesy and provide you the best recommendations.

What’s the takeaway from this…

Simply put, we are a pawn shop and more. We have gained a wide selection of computers. We offer reasonable prices for these machines. And we continue to make our customers satisfied with the value in their purchases. That is the service we offer to the citizens of Mesa, as well as the residents in Tempe, Phoenix, Chandler, and beyond. So save some money at Oro Express Mesa, your used computer store solution!

Cash For Gold Mesa - Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold

Glitter in Gold thanks to Oro Express Mesa!

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Gold is a precious metal for many reasons. It’s a symbol of wealth. It has long lasting collectors’ value. And you can build your glittering collection through Oro Express Mesa.

What kinds of gold do you have at your store?

As a connoisseur of gold, we take it in all its forms. Be it simple nuggets, to jewelry made of the precious metal, to watches, if it is golden, then we will probably have it. Simply visit our store and see what we can offer for you.

How do you know if it is authentic?

Our staff inspects all gold that comes across our store doors. Also, with over 30 years of experience in the Pawning Industry from all of our staff members, we make sure to separate the fine from the fool. To be fair, this does not guarantee that we know which of all our gold is fine or fool. We are human, but we strive to give you your money’s worth when you buy from us.

How can we reach you?

We easy reach depending on how you travel. We’re on the North West Corner of South Mesa Drive and East Broadway Road. If you take the ValleyMetro Bus lines, we can be reached on the 45 Eastbound (Phoenix side) or Westbound (Apache Junction side) or the 120 Southbound (North Mesa side) or Northbound (Gilbert side).

We offer gold for all those that seek it and want to get their money’s worth. We’ve been in this business for over a decade, and continue to go strong. We also offer bi-lingual support for English and Spanish customers. And having a wide selection of gold for you purchases means you can show off your glamour to friends and family alike. We would love to see you shine as brightly golden and we at Oro Express Mesa can make that happen!

Computer Buyer Mesa

Computers are available at Oro Express Mesa!

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Computers have become an integral part of life. Situations in life will cause computers to fail when we least expect it. It happens. When your laptop stops working or needs to be repaired, it’s a good habit to have a replacement laptop. The cost can be difficult when looking for a replacement. Well, why go out of the way to find what you want when Oro Express Mesa can save you the trip?

What types of computers do you have?

We have multiple types of computers available at our store that customers can purchase. There are many brands available in our store, such as Apple, hp, and Dell. We also have tablets if a laptop is too big to carry. We carry iPads, Galaxy Tabs, and a few of the smaller brands. Finally, we have desktop computers as well, with the core accessories that come with them. The option is yours to make when you are looking for a replacement.

How much does it cost?

Well, for starters, it’s cheaper than retail. Pawn shops are notorious for being ‘second-hand’ stores, but that also means you can find some of the latest at lower prices. Also, used computers have been proven to work, otherwise we would not accept them. Thus you know you will get a machine that works. It’s only a matter of finding what works for you!

How can I get to you?

We want to make getting to this store as easy as possible. This map is provided to help in the process. We are located on the Corner of East Broadway Road and South Mesa Drive just South of Stapley Park. We can also be reach via ValleyMetro from the 45 (Eastbound) and the 120 (Southbound).

So to recap, what we offer are used computers that can help as replacements in the event your machine falters. Our prices are lower than standard retail so you know you don’t need to break the bank. Finally, we’re easy to reach, so even if you live in the cities of Tempe, Chandler, Phoenix, and beyond, we aren’t far away. Visit us today and get your replacement computer for your personal/business needs!

Get the Best Deals at Oro Mesa

Mesa can get the best deals with Oro Express!

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Everyone is looking for the best deals they can find on stuff they have. They also want to save a few dollars in the process. Well, the possible chance of getting it both ways is here thanks to Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold!

Why the need for a Pawn Shop to make the Best Deals?

Why not go to a Pawn Shop? First, the lines there are almost non-existent. Think about it. You go to a Best Buy, RadioShack,  and even a WalMart, and you could be waiting in line for HOURS to buy the TV you need. Here at Oro Express, you don’t have to worry about lines like that.  Second, you may find that hidden gem in what you’re looking for in a TV. You can also use that TV or Laptop as a secondary device to suit your needs.

What do you have in your store?

We have many different types of Electronics for sale. Our store offers TVs from all the major brands, such as Sony, Sharp, and Samsung . We also have collected various laptop from all the major manufacturers: hp, Dell, Apple, Gateway, to name a few. We even carry some musical instruments, mainly guitars, so you can rock out without rolling in a lot of money out of your pockets. Finally, what pawn shop wouldn’t have other unique electronics such as stereo systems, Gaming Consoles, and so much more. Only way to know what we have in store is to stop by!

How do I get to you?

To reach our store, simply stick to Broadway Rd and head due east past the AZ-101. We’re just a little ways past S.Mesa Drive. We’ll be on the right hand side.

What is so unique about Oro Express anyways?

Aside from hiring local staff, most members on our staff are bi-lingual in American English and Spanish. That means if you feel more comfortable in speaking Español, our staff will be happy to oblige. Another benefit of our store is our pricing. We don’t price match our competition. We don’t need to do so. Our prices speak for themselves. You could save hand over fist in money by going to us instead of a major retail store. The items are in a near new condition, so be aware of that. Finally, we have been in business for some time now. Over Ten Years, to be exact. The citizens of Mesa, Tempe, Chandler and the surrounding areas are familiar with who we are. Now’s your chance to find out what best deals you can find through us, today!

The Silver Buyer Mesa Trust!

Silver Buyer Mesa

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Silver Buyer in Mesa, Arizona

Silver is never second in mind when it comes to precious metals! In fact, we’re known as the best Silver Buyer Mesa has in town. We will continue to live up to that expectation here at Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold (and Silver too).

Oro Express knows the importance of being a silver buyer. Silver in and of itself is equally precious to gold in that this was the metal that most coins were minted from here in the US, in fact our northern neighboring state of Utah still uses it as a means of currency. Since we’re NOT in Utah, if you do have silver coins from there, we are more than willing to give you cash based on the value that silver coin contains. Of course, you do not have to be limited to just coins. We also buy silver jewelry, bullion, nuggets and silver masonry (to some extent). If it’s made of silver, let us by it for you so you get to have a little extra to spend with.

It’s also really simple as to what you will need to do to get the extra cash. You just bring them over to us, and we give you cash for them. There is some paperwork involved, but that’s it. There isn’t much left to do than just come in and get the cash you deserve. We do have to clarify that unlike Silver Loans, which we offer, we are buying your silver, meaning we will claim ownership when the deal is done.

Though we have been a benchmark buyer of all things silver in Mesa, we also have served customers that have hailed from our sister cities, such as the cities of Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, and more. We wouldn’t be in business in the Valley of the Sun for the past ten years if we didn’t maintain such a standard, and we will continue this level of service well into the future. See for yourself and get the cash you deserve from the silver you sell to us.