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Pawn Power Tools with us here at Oro Express Mesa!

Got a shed full of power tools collecting dust from lack of use? Need cash in your pocket for a future endeavor? Then why not solve both problems here at Oro Express Mesa! Pawn those power tools with us and walk away with cash in hand thanks to our pawn loans.

Pawn power tools and more at Oro Express Mesa


Power Tools are valuable to pawn simply because of how beneficial they are. They help with making our home-improvement projects easier. They also are a symbol of progress and self-improvement; the more you have, the more you can create or repair and so on. Finally, for men at least, it just FEELS good to have them. That’s why, from a pawnbroker’s perspective, we would be crazy NOT to allow customers to pawn power tools with us. And what better way to do that than to offer pawn loans for your power tools.


How Do I Get a Pawn Loan?

First, visit us today and show us your power tools along with a Government-Issued Photo ID. Once we verify everything there, meaning the item is complete and your ID checks out among other things, we will offer you a pawn loan. If you like the offer you get paid shortly afterwords. It’s a pretty straight-forward system, but if you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us or check our FAQ page here.



Massacre debt with a chainsaw pawn at Oro Epxress Mesa!

Why Oro Express Mesa?

 Oro Express Mesa helps out our customers with getting the money they need from the everyday items people take for granted. Power tools are one such items that can be an unexpected source. That’s why we gladly accept them as a means to get you extra cash on hand. We have seen value in a lot of items customers brought to us this past decade, and our business has grown because of this simple fact. We also have skilled professionals that also are fluently bi-lingual in both American English and Spanish. ¿Sé Habla Español? ¡No Hay Problema! That’s why the citizens of Mesa and the surrounding cities of Tempe, Chandler, Phoenix, and more keep coming back to us: Great service, great values in our pawn loans, and a GREAT experience all-round. Stop in today and see for yourself.

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