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What is Estate Jewelry, exactly?

Estate jewelry is loosely classified as any type of jewelry that is previously owned. Many people commonly refer to estate jewelry as antique jewelry, vintage jewelry, and period jewelry. Typically estate jewelry will not be accompanied by a receipt or any sort of authenticity papers as it can very well be over hundreds of years old. At our pawn shop in Mesa we value the importance of your precious pieces, and one of our friendly trained staff members can correctly appraise and authenticate your jewelry, gold, and diamonds.

The Advantages of Getting An Estate Jewelry Loan

Getting an estate jewelry loan from the top rated Mesa pawn shop is one of the safest and securest ways to get yourself out of a financial hole.  We’ve been in the business of loaning on jewelry for well over a decade, and our associates are trained experts on gold, silver, and diamonds, so you can ensure your jewelry is being appraised properly.  On top of this, we ensure to update our estate jewelry buying prices on a daily basis to match the global selling price, as well as our competitors, to pay you the most and fairest amount of cash possible.

Secondly, an estate jewelry loan can be for as long as you need it to be.  No matter if you’re from Tempe, Mesa, or Chandler, we want to ensure that our customers have options.  Our jewelry loans are written out for a term of only 90 days during which any customer can come and repay the loan with no penalty or extra cost.  During this period your estate jewelry is also secured in our human-sized safe in the back of the store.  If at the end of the 90 day jewelry loan term you’re simply not ready to pay back the loan, that’s no problem whatsoever.  By simply repaying the interest due on the loan, we’re happy to extend the loan for a period of 90 more days.  This ensures our customers have adequate time to reach the financial security they need.  No matter if it’s gold, silver, or diamond estate jewelry, any customers from Tempe, Mesa, or Chandler can rest assured it’s safe and sound at Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold.

What Estate Jewelry do we loan cash on?

Our pawn shop offers estate jewelry loans Mesa on any estate jewelry items. These types include diamonds, watches, colored gemstones, designer jewelry, flatware, silverware, gold, silver, and platinum. We’re able to make a cash loan on individual items as well. So whether it’s as an entire lot or in various parts, we’ll strive to always loan the most cash for your estate jewelry!

We can’t stress enough that as Mesa’s top pawn shop, we truly do loan on anything and every kind of estate jewelry you have.  We don’t discriminate whatsoever between gold, silver, or diamond jewelry.  We make estate jewelry loans on all kinds of precious metals and gems on a daily basis and have no plans on stopping.  If you’re in need of fast cash and have jewelry, it can be yours in as little as five minutes from Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold.  We’re happy to not only help possible customers evaluate their financial options, but also to work with them on other items outside of jewelry to loan them enough cash to get them back on their feet.  We offer dozens of varying loan services and can combine them in any way necessary to get you the number you need.

We are also actively seeking Rolex, Tiffany, Breitling, Cartier, Audemar-Piguet, Bruguet, IWC, Patek Philippe and other fine brands.

Don’t forget we proudly serve the Tempe, Scottsdale, and Chandler areas!

 estate jewelry loans mesa