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We are a pawn shop in Mesa and are always looking to be your favorite Electronics Buyer Mesa! We’re looking for good, high quality electronics to buy. Our aggressive payouts on your entertainment systems, digital cameras, recorders, televisions, flat screens, LCD plasma screens, stereos, Blu-rays, gaming systems and computers and other electronic items are like no other pawn shop in the valley. We are looking for brands like Denon, Onkyo, Teac, Pioneer, Sony, Macintosh, Samsung and others.  We’re the pawn shop electronics belong at, and the only place you should sell electronics to in Mesa.

We are also prepared to take in your computers, which includes: desktops, laptops, and monitors. We offer 90 day loans for brands like Apple, Dell, IBM, Compaq, Sony, Epson, HP or any other similar brand. You also have the option to sell such products outright if you choose not to pay back the loan from us in Mesa. We apply the same service and business practices for our loans as we do for our buys.




If you are in need of a short term pawn loan or looking to sell your items outright to us, you will find that our friendly and knowledgeable staff is prepared to offer you the most money than anywhere else. As the top electronics buyer in Mesa, we’ll buy any quality, valuable electronics you have sitting around. There’s always more money available when you sell electronics when you bring in any original accessories/packaging that came with the electronics.




Have a musical instrument and don’t play anymore? Musical instrument loans are set on fair easy terms with the best payout for value in the
Valley. You will get immediate cash on electronics like acoustics, electric guitars, bass guitars, drums, saxophones, synthesizers, and amplifiers.

Some brands we take are Les Paul, Gibson, Washburn, and Yamaha.  All items are kept in a safe at a secure location throughout the term of your loan.

Walk in any electronic items with all accessories to our pawn shop in Mesa and walk out with cash. Don’t forget we also serve Scottsdale, Tempe, and Chandler.

The process is fairly simple. You bring in your used electronic equipment or mobile device, we test it, agree on a quote, then you walk out with cash!

Feel free to check out our individual pages for:

  • Computer Buyer – Visit this page to see what kinds of computers we can buy!


  • Used Cell Phone Store – With the uprising of smart phones, we have a whole section dedicated to selling used cell phones.



  • iPhone Buyer – iPhones are extremely valuable, and we know this! Sell your old iPhones to us!


  • Buy Samsung Phone – Samsung is the top contender to iPhone. We like to buy all Samsung phones too!


  • Buy TV – TVs are only getting better and better. Why not sell your old TV to us when you upgrade?


  • Camera Buyer – Cameras are also another very valuable electronic. We buy and sell loads of them each day!


  • Buy Musical Instruments – Musical instruments hold their value better than cars! We can buy or loan on your musical instruments.


electronics buyer mesa