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Pawn Shop Mesa – Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold

Top Dollar Cash Loans On EVERYTHING

Pawn Shop Mesa - Image of Items

Whether it’s jewelry, power tools, gold, silver, video game systems, used cell phones, you can buy, sell or pawn them at our store.

The pawn shop Mesa relies on is here to help you get the fast cash you need on everything shown above and more!

How Mesa’s #1 Pawn Shop For Gold Works

If you need fast cash, our pawn shop Mesa knows and trusts is here to help. We may not be quite as well known as Gold and Silver Pawn in Las Vegas which you have seen on Pawn Stars, but we are near you and the services we provide, along with our great selection is available 7 days a week and only minutes away. We are the Pawn Shop Mesa has come to rely on when they need fast cash or is looking to buy valuables for less.

If you need fast cash, we are here to offer the most for your valuables, and turn it into cash in hand at the Pawn Shop Mesa residents return to again and again. Our store is located just East of Broadway and Mesa Drive on Broadway Road in Mesa, AZ.

The pawn shop Mesa trusts for the most cash possible to sell or pawn jewelry and more!Pawn Loans – Pawnshop 101

A pawn loan is a quick, painless, hassle-free way to get fast cash. Many loans through banks are done based solely on your credit, and this is what differentiates a pawn loan from a loan from a bank. It’s very simple, you just use an item you have for collateral. Anything you have, a computer, jewelry, TV, whatever, you can put it up to get the fast cash you need with a pawn loan.

We make you an offer on how much money we can loan you on your item, and you can accept the amount, or even take a lower amount. All that’s required is that you come down to our Mesa pawn shop and make the interest payment, and you can keep the loan for as long as necessary. The moment you pay it back, we remove the item from a sealed pawn bag and return it to you. For more details on how a Pawn Shop Works, see Pawnshop 101.

What You Need For a Pawn Loan at Our Pawn Shop Mesa

For a pawn, you simply only need a form of government issued photo identification. Driver’s License, Passport, or other City of Mesa approved ID. Once you can prove your identity, we can make you a pawn loan on whatever item it is you have. No matter whether you’re coming from Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, or Chandler, we’re here to serve you.

fast cash with pawn loans from the pawn shop Mesa trusts - Oro Express MesaHow To Get Top Dollar For Your Pawn Loans

The condition of your item can also affect the worth in a great way:

  • If your item is dirty, scuffed, heavily used, take the time to give your valuables a good cleaning before you come and bring it in to us.
  • Make sure that you have all of the accessories with you that the item came with at the time of its original purchase. (i.e., remote control, game controller, power cord, charger, manual, etc.,)
  • If you have bought any extra accessories to enhance or improve the item, bring them with you as well. You can keep them to the side and bundle them with the item to increase your cash offer if need be.
  • Finally, bring along the original box, along with the original sales receipt if at all possible. These items can not only save you time during the assessment, they also can increase the offer, lower the interest rate, or both!

What it comes down to is this. You always want to present a valuable item, whether to sell or pawn, in its best possible condition. Equally important, is to make sure that everything is present and accounted for. Look at it and think about how much you are willing to pay if something looks unkept and doesn’t have the power cord to charge it.

Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold is the Pawn Shop Mesa residents return to, when they need fast cash, or want to find quality items at an affordable price! Come on in and see what we have to offer you!

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