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Sell Antique Jewelry and Turn It Into Cash!!Sell Antique Jewelry

Do you have antique pieces of jewelry, that has been handed down through generations that you’ve never worn? Would you sell antique jewelry you have, for the cash you need? Because these pieces, while quite unique and beautiful don’t fit your style, might put more cash in your pocket! Bring them in to Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold and let us turn those heirlooms into cash! Sell antique jewelry for the highest cash offer in town, from a quick, yet accurate valuation from our store!

After locating the hallmark stamp, we will be able to confirm the era the style of your heirlooms, and make you a cash offer! It’s an advantage that our associates are certified and well versed with knowledge and history of jewelry. As a result, we invite you to our store and offer our expertise to become an advantage for you and your pockets!

How Gems, Metals and Motifs are Impressed in Jewelry

While historians can note time periods and categorizing sub-periods of time and how it changed. Our associates are highly skilled and experienced to recognize the expressions of jewelry. Jewelry pieces make a statement without words. We hear what those precious gems and metals are saying. Because the feeling of the times transcends into jewelry.

For instance, the “Romantic Period” has very notable characteristics in its jewelry. The metal work in jewelry and design took on an ornamental delicacy. In addition, popular motifs included love knots, hands, hearts vines and leaves. Gemstones were for the most part set in claw-like prongs, encircling the outer rim of the gem with metal. This also was a time “Acrostic Jewelry” was made. In these pieces the gemstones were arranged so the first letter of each spelled out a loving word.

These are the kinds of things, an antique jewelry buyer knows! And is why we are the premier pawn shop in Mesa when you want to sell antique jewelry for cash!


To Sell Antique Jewelry the Appraisal is Most Important

sell antique jewelry once we assess it at Oro Express MesaTo get the most money possible when you sell antique jewelry, you need to know its value first. That’s why it is imperative to have an accurate appraisal. At Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold our assessments of jewelry pieces are spot on!! We know this because our associates are certified and experienced. Our valuations are based on the following:

First and foremost, we locate the hidden stamp. The stamp indicates the karat of the precious metal in the piece. It can also identify the time period or maker of the jewelry piece itself. After that, a touchstone is swiped against the precious metal to take a sample. This in no way affects or harms your jewelry piece. The sample provides the means to validate a precious metal’s purity using drops of acid.

If any diamonds are set in the jewelry, they are analyzed with our diamond testing tool for color, cut, clarity and carat of the gem. Although it is a part of the jewelry, its value is determined as a separate entity in the assessment, then added to together to make an offer.

After that, we consider the jewelry’s aesthetic appeal. Not only the condition of the jewelry, but also note any uniqueness of it. Finally, our staff member refers to the fair market value of the antique. Once all is considered, you will be presented with the best cash offer possible to sell antique jewelry to our store!!

Within Minutes You Can Have Cash in Hand

At Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold our jewelers can complete the appraisal in just a couple of minutes. Most importantly, you can have the transaction completed and cash in your hand in as little as 5 minutes.

If you accept the offer given, we need just a few signatures and a valid ID to finish the sale. After that, we will count the cash amount agreed upon and you will be on with your day!!

Click on the bottom right to reach an associate via Live-Chat and you can start the process before you even arrive at our store!

Or you can reach us 24/7 via text at (480) 610-8009 for a speedy response to your questions!

More than Just a Pawn Shop!!

We are located in the Temple Historical District in Mesa. For over a decade we have been a resource that provides the cash best cash offers and impeccable customer service when you sell antique jewelry an more! Mesa, Tempe and Chandler residents know our reputation is earned and respected! Whether you are looking to buy, pawn or sell your valuables, you can trust Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold!

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