The Best Pawn Shop in the ‘Mesa City’ Limits!

TV buyer Mesa and the Best Pawn Shop Mesa has to offer!

If you’re looking for Mesa’s Best Pawn Shop, Oro Express Mesa is the first choice on that illustrious list.

What makes Oro Express Mesa the best pawn shop among any other pawn shops?

Glad you asked! First and foremost is our ideal location; located in the Temple Historical District, the heart of Mesa, and on the corner of Broadway Road and South Mesa Drive, two of the most driven roads in Mesa. Second is our courteous and professional staff; they are locals of the area so you know that they are aware of the needs of the community and can understand the needs of the customers that walk into their doors. Finally, we are a bilingual business. We can assist customers in both American English and Español. ¡Sí, se podemos!

front view oro express mesa, the BEST PAWN SHOP IN MESA!

What kind of pawns does Oro Express Mesa do?

Oro Express Mesa, or OEM for short, does both buying and selling of items outright or providing pawn loans for those in need of a quick rush of income when in a bind. Let us be the ideal choice to resolve life’s financial challenges. You may be surprised what we will take in for you, but Gold, Silver, and all other precious metals are always appreciated. If you would like a more detailed understanding of our pawn loans, as well as what we take in, simply following the link provided will give you the answers you seek:


Click to get a better understanding of Pawn Loans and what we take here at OEM.


Best Pawn Shop Partner for your Title Loan Needs

So the ‘Best Pawn Shop’ also has Phoenix Title Loans inside as well? What’s up with that?

Being the best means we work with the best. If you are looking for the best pawn shop for title loans, then we have your back with our partner: Phoenix Title Loans, LLC! Phoenix Title Loans specializes in giving Cash on Title Loans from such vehicles like boat, and automotive title loans. They even handle MOBILE HOMES and SALVAGE title loans. If it moves on land, sea, or air, and you have a title for it, we can give you a title loan courtesy of Phoenix Title Loans. And the BEST part is, you don’t have to go to another building. All of this is done IN HOUSE inside O.E.M.

Seeing is beliving, so come see us soon!

OEM proudly serves the Mesa community along with the cities of Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, and beyond to this day. Over the course of a decade of business we have helped the lives of Mesa citizens. It is understood that this does not completely remove skepticism, but rest assured. We have both the confidence and cash to get you back on your feet. Also, we have the respected reputation of Phoenix Title Loans for Title Loan assistance. Their track record is on par with our own. That is why we are partners with this company. Still don’t believe us to be the Best Pawn Shop yet? Stop on in and FIND OUT.