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Time to clean out the old tool shed! If you have tools lying around don’t wait around, bring them in today for free quote on all working power tools you may have.  Our pawn shop in Mesa is here to help put money in your pocket with a tool loan.  We loan cash on all types of power tools like, drilling, cutting, shaping, sanding, grinding, polishing, painting, and heating tools.  We will lend you the most cash for your power tools whether it is electric or pneumatic. All you need is your merchandise and a valid government issued ID in order to get one of Mesa’s Easiest Tool Loans. 


Tool Brands We LOVE!


tool loans mesa


We loan on all brands of power tools; however, name brand tools typically have the highest resale value.  These name brand tools we like best include Milwaukee, Black and Decker, Draper, DeWalt, MAC Tools, Panasonic, Ryobi, Stihl, Hitachi, Wolf, Rubi, and Snap-On Tools.  However, if your tool has value, WE CAN MAKE A LOAN!


A Tool Loan is a Pawn Loan


Sadly, this is different from a loaning OF a tool, similar to how local governments offer tool loan contracts or have you fill out tool loaner forms. Just like our other great loans, a tool loan from us is the same as requesting a pawn loan. Also, you would hand us your tool while the loan is in effect. The pawn loan is good for 90 days on tools as it is with all items.  This is governed by Arizona law.  Throughout those 90 days, you have no payment requirements on your tool loan.  You’re more than welcome to pay off the entirety of the power tool loan at any time with no penalty, however you may also opt out of paying and allow the items to revert to the store.  If at the end of the 90 days you’re not ready to pay off the borrowed amount, you can also pay the interest and get an extension for another 90 days on the power tool loan or, if you are short, you can typically call the store and get an extension for a few more days just by asking.  Don’t consider more expensive Payday Loans, personal loans, or Auto Title Loans, get a Tool Loan in Mesa at a lower cost using your tools to secure the loan.  With a power tool loan, you are not limited by your credit score, an application, or monthly fees.  You just need a tool and valid ID!

We do more Tool Loans in Mesa than anyone else, but we also serve Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, and Queen Creek.

We also utilize, and aggressive pricing system to obtain the most fair price for your tools. We loan cash within minutes, and we never check credit. We loan cash against, almost every brand of tool, if your tool has value we have the capacity to loan cash against it.


tool loans mesa


As #1 In Tool Loans Mesa, we take in the following tools including, but not limited to:

Air CompressorNail Gun
Alligator ShearNeedle Scaler
Band SawPneumatic Torque Wrench
Belt SanderPower-actuated tools
Biscuit JoinerPower Wrench
Ceramic Tile cutter/tile sawRadial Arm Saw
Chain SawRandom Orbital sander
Circular sawReciprocating saw
Concrete sawRotary Reciprocating Saw
Cold sawRotary tool
CrusherSabre saw
Diamond BladeSander
Diamond ToolsScroll Saw
Disc SanderSteel Cut Off Saw
DrillTable Saw
Floor SanderThickness Planer
Grinder MachineTrimmer
Heat GunWall Chaser
Impact WrenchWood Router
Jointer Lathe
Miter Saw