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Pawn Estate Jewelry To Get Cash You Need Now

Pawn Estate Jewelry

Why part with your family’s legacy when a temporary holding will be better suited for your needs?  That’s why you should pawn estate jewelry here at Oro Express Mesa.

How Does Estate Jewelry Differ from Regular Jewelry?

Regular Jewelry is easier to track and identify.  Most times, when you purchase jewelry from a jeweler, you get a receipt as well as the authentic casing that comes with this jewelry.  Also, the jewelry may look as if it was never touched or in such a new condition that it shows greater appeal to it . Estate Jewelry may or may not come with any form of identification (receipt, packaging, etc.).  Also, there may be relative aging, but well-maintained estate jewelry increases its value over time.  We will gladly accept your family’s legacy in your hour of need via our pawn loans.

Pawn Estate Jewelry vs. Sell/Buy Estate Jewelry

No one wants to part with heirlooms passed through the generations of family members.  When you buy or sell estate jewelry, you’re doing just that. If you just sell it off, you don’t just get it back if you change your mind.  However when you pawn estate jewelry, you will receive your jewelry back, once the loan is paid.  The loan is based on the lend-ability amount of the jewelry itself.  In addition, interest rates are added on the cash loan.  Once the loan is paid in full, the jewelry is returned to you.

Pawn Estate Jewelry at Oro Express Mesa for the most cash possible

A Pawn Loan is Easy to Acquire

It boils down to you coming to the store with your items, and we will begin the process to pawn estate jewelry at our store.  For starters, we will test the precious metals to authenticate that the hallmark (hidden stamp) is correctly marked on the jewelry piece.  After that, we will inspect any precious gems that are set in the jewelry.  Next, we will weigh the jewelry piece(s)  to measure the amount of the precious metal there is.  Finally, our pawnbroker will refer to the current spot price of the gold, silver or platinum, and a cash offer will be presented to you.

  We offer the most cash possible when you pawn estate jewelry to Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold

Pawn Estate Jewelry With Diamonds

Please note that if there are diamonds set in your jewelry, they will be examined and assessed separately, on their own accord.  Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold assesses a diamond’s value, and if it a real diamond, with our advanced tools we have on hand to test them.  And it bases its analysis on the grading system of the 4 Cs of Diamonds.  After that, both assessments will be added together to present our cash offer to you.

All of our assessments are free of charge and are never under any obligation to accept our cash offer.

If you accept, we write up the loan and give you the cash that same day.  It usually takes a few minutes, paperwork and all.  If you have any further questions or concerns, we have a FAQ page that you can view to better understand our policies.

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