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What exactly is an auto title loan and how can it benefit me?

Tough times strike us all. There is still hope to turn things around. Oro Express Mesa is here to help you. We offer a loan service that will allow you to keep the vehicle you drive. You walk out with cash in hand to settle whatever incident you may have. You’re probably wondering how and where to find out about this information, let us help you. Our Phoenix Title Loans – Mesa branch is always available for a cash loan using your vehicle as collateral.  We will work with you to ensure each title loan fits your exact needs without any hassle. Each title loan we make is handled by a professional friendly representative. The process can be finished and set up within minutes.

Get the immediate cash you need, and still drive the car you own.

When looking for extra cash, title loans are a great way to get quick cash at moments notice. Our title loans are set up as a cash loan against the value of a car. This is not limited to cars. We also loan cash on RV’s, Motorcycles, Golf Carts, and more, using collateral with a very high loan-to-value ratio. At our auto title lender, we pride ourselves on solutions that work for our customers.

The best thing about an auto title loan is it can be a bad credit loan as well, and the loan approval process is as little as 15 minutes!  We’re able to look past all credit situations and get you approved based solely off the value of your vehicle

We offer our competitive and fair title loans through Phoenix Title Loans, LLC.

Through Phoenix Title Loans, LLC, a major title lender in Mesa, we have the unique ability to lend out money because we often make cash loans that other lenders won’t do and do not have the time for. Luckily we do not have that issue, and Good Credit or Bad Credit makes no difference with us.  We are here to help you out, no matter what position you are in. We have made many loans to a variety of people in Mesa with one thing in common, that there was a need for cash to make home repairs, pay unforeseen medical expenses, making bail and a host of other reasons. Another great connection to our customers that we have is that at our pawn shop we are able to write notes out quickly and do not discriminate or turn away clients due to personal history or bad credit.

How do I set up an Auto Title Loan?

Here’s how you set up an Auto Title Loan:

  • Come into our auto title lender, and speak to one of our friendly, efficient representatives about a title loan. We give you the cash you need. You pay us the interest owed each month. You can also pay the interest plus some principle in order to bring down the loan balance to ensure you get to keep your car.
  • The interest rate depends on the size of the loan. This is governed by Arizona State Statutes.
  • Pay the loan in full anytime with no prepayment penalties or added fees.

Don’t worry if you already have a title loan with another lender!

Re-financing with us is not a problem with our auto title lender in Mesa. We can refinance any existing Auto Title Loans from any of our competitors. In most cases you reduce your payments by receiving a lower rate of interest. Our competition usually targets specific cars of high loan-to-value. We at Oro Express take almost any type of vehicle. We’ll accept old, unique and/or collectible cars as collateral for auto title loans. We also take in the competition’s own title loans! All we need is your existing loan information. See for yourself how easy it is to re-finance your existing auto title loan with us!

What other options do you offer?

Do you need help in storing your item so it does not get damaged? We are also able to store your vehicle in our secure location. Call or stop by to see why our private, professional, secure Title Loan solutions might be the help you’ve been looking for.

We also proudly serve the cities of Tempe, Scottsdale, and Chandler, Arizona. We continue this standard of excellence to this day.

If you have more questions, feel free to check out the Auto Title Loans page on Phoenix Title Loans, LLC’s website!