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Jewelry Pawn Shop Mesa Residents Rely On!

Jewelry is one of the most common means of collateral in the pawning industry. From Earrings to Bracelets, Rings to Crowns, Jewelry is sought after by all pawn shops. That’s why our jewelry pawn shop Mesa trusts is Oro Express Mesa. Because, we are not just one of them.

Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold is the jewelry pawn shop Mesa Residents come to for the best offers around! In addition, we also have a great selection of jewelry for sale, and to choose from. From family heirlooms, to engagement and wedding ring sets, you will amazing pieces at even more awesome prices!

What Services Do You Offer?

At Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold, and as a jewelry pawn shop Mesa can rely on, we provide multiple services regarding jewelry.

  • Assessments of Your Jewelry – We assess the purity of the gold, silver or platinum it is made from. In addition, we also assess loose diamonds, and diamond settings. All of our assessments of jewelry are free of charge. In addition, they are also free from any obligations to accept our cash offer, if you are seeking to sell or pawn your jewelry. Most importantly, our valuations are accurate, and analyzed quickly with our diamond testing tool. And then based on the grading of your diamonds by the 4 C’s. Carat – Cut – Color – Clarity.
  • We Buy Jewelry – Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold first assesses your jewelry, and from that assessment, our pawnbroker will make you the best cash offer possible to buy your jewelry. IfJewelry Pawn Shop Mesa Goes to buy, sell or pawn jewelry! your jewelry is set with diamonds, the precious metal, and the precious gem are each valued on their own accord. Once both are completed and calculated, they are added together and you are presented with our cash offer.
  • We Pawn Jewelry If you are not willing to part with your jewelry, but still need cash, we are the jewelry pawn shop Mesa relies on for a reason. Because, what separates us from most pawn shops, is the fact that we offer almost the same amount of cash for a 90 day loan, as we do to buy jewelry. Our pawn loans are for 90 days. And once the loan is paid in full, we will grab your jewelry from our locked vault, and happily hand it back over to you!
  • We Sell Jewelry – The jewelry one finds on display at our pawn shop, always seems to take people by surprise. Because of that, much of our jewelry is bought quickly when we put it on display. You are sure to find beautiful pieces of antique jewelry, as well as engagement and wedding rings. Don’t have enough cash? Take advantage of our lay-away program! With only 10% down, and making your monthly payments on time, you will have it in your possession, in no time at all!

What You Need To Sell Or Pawn At Jewelry Pawn Shop Mesa

The main thing customers need to bring is the jewelry they wish to use for our pawn loans. Without it, we can’t make this deal happen. Next is any documentation that authenticates the jewelry. While our staff can appraise the value of the jewelry and provide an offer, it expedites the process if we have that documentation along with the jewelry. Finally, we will need ID to verify your identity; you do this by bringing an Arizona State-issued ID (such as a Driver’s License) that must be current and valid. Once all essential items are at our store, we can give you the money you were counting on from your jewelry pawn shop Mesa trusts!

Why Go To Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold?

Oro Mesa excels at being a Jewelry pawn shop Mesa residents can turn to for monetary needs. Because our pawn loans, combined with our excellent sales, are the reason for our business success; made possible from the foundation of superb customer service. While we serve the city of Mesa primarily, we are not limited to this city. All residents of the East Valley Cities and the Valley of the Sun are welcomed to do business with us! We would not be the Jewelry Pawn Shop for Mesa Residents to turn to without this philosophy. Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold looks forward to serving you.
Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold - Jewelry Pawn Shop Mesa
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