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On-Site Notary Public Mesa Residents

Notary Public MesaNotary Public Service is a necessary service for those in need of officiating documents. Many that take up this aspect, but ends up difficult to have work out. Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold wishes to step up our efforts by offering customers a Notary Public Mesa location to customers need of them.

What is the benefit of a Notary Public Mesa Location?

First, it frees up the need to search for such a location. We are located on the corner shopping center of Alma School Road and West 8th Avenue. This saves the need to hunt down a location when you can simply find us. Having a fixed place that you can turn to for getting stuff done is far more advantageous then blindly searching for a nearby spot. We also have a directory to help in this very matter. If you still require assistance, simply contact us as well. We’re happy to help!

How much does the service cost?

Notary Public Mesa residents, can be found at Oro Express Mesa! That's us!The price structure is the following: the first signature/witnessing is a fee of $5.oo for Notary Public Mesa Services. All subsequent documents price at $2.00 each document. This pricing is based on standard practices licensed and regulated by the State of Arizona and the National Notary Association.

Another benefit is you can get a pawn loan with us, and through that loan, you can use the money to cover the costs of the notary fees. That’s even more money saved. Even after that, you still walk away with cash on hand. It becomes even better when you base the money off of title loans thanks to our partnership at Phoenix Title Loans, LLC. You get the documents you need notarized. There is also the benefit of getting cash on hand, AND (in most cases) you get to drive off with your vehicle as a bonus!

What other services do you offer in Oro Mesa?

The main services is our pawn loans and used merchandise. That’s been the cornerstone of our business. With our partner Phoenix Title Loans, we get to do title loans. Now we can offer notary public services to our customers when they need it. You can reach us from anywhere in Mesa, or if you live in the nearby Valley Cities of Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, and more. Visit today!

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