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Diamond Jewelry Buyer!

Diamond Jewelry Buyer and the best cash offers around at Oro Express Mesa!Depending on where you are in the US, the value of diamond jewelry can vary greatly. Sometimes as much as thousands of dollars. The ignorance and inexperience that is rife within the diamond jewelry buyer business is immense. And typically impacts the seller more than anyone else. If you need a diamond jewelry buyer, it’s important to identify a company you trust. This makes sure you get accurate assessments and highest offers, as we provide here at Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold.

Selling Diamond Jewelry – The Process

It all starts when you bring your diamond jewelry down to our Mesa pawn shop. We always keep enough staff on hand to eliminate waiting times meaning there’s no reason to make an appointment. Since we’re also open seven days a week, you can get cash for your diamond jewelry in minutes. The appraisal process is where our shop truly shines. The care that each of our associates will show in assessing the quality of your diamond jewelry is what allows all of our customers to get the maximum amount of cash when selling diamond jewelry.

Before any of our employees become diamond jewelry buyers, they are taught what to look for, and how to use the tools we have on site to verify they are genuine diamonds.

Diamond Jewelry Buyer & Assessments

The 4 Cs and your diamond jewelry buyer present the best cash offers at Oro Express Mesa Pawn & GoldAll diamonds are assessed based on the Four C’s of Diamonds: cut, color, carat, and clarity. Some of these are simple and can be determined by amateurs, while others are more intricate. Clarity, for example, does not just refer to your ability to see through the diamond. It also includes keeping an eye open for things such as inclusions which are natural imperfections that can only be seen with the help of special tools. The message here is that it takes true professionals in order to accurately assess appropriate value, and ensure that both parties are getting the fairest value available.

Is That All There Is?

The last piece of the puzzle once this valuation is done is a cash offer, and we can almost guarantee that this will be the highest cash value to be found in Mesa, Gilbert, or Chandler. We ensure that all of our cash offers will be fair and accurate. If your diamond is inside another precious metal; like silver, gold, or platinum, we’ll put a cash value to that separately. We then combine the totals into one whole cash offer.

All in all, from beginning to finish, with a short drive and a few signatures; you can have thousands of dollars of cash in your hand. We’re the only diamond jewelry buyer Mesa trusts, and will continue to trust for the coming years.

If you’ve got merchandise to sell in Mesa, Queen Creek, or Chandler, then the only place you should visit is Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold – your local diamond jewelry professionals.

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