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Diamond Loans Queen Creek - Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold

Diamond Loans Queen Creek

Oro Express Mesa puts the most cash in your hands for diamond loans Queen CreekAt Oro Express Mesa Pawn & Gold, we help our customers by offering the most cash possible on diamond loans Queen Creek residents! Because, it is of utmost importance to our pawnbrokers to provide the best offers, to help our customers get the cash they need. And, with our diamond loans Queen Creek will see that we are the pawn shop you can rely on!

We’re Not Restrictive in the Types of Diamonds Taken

There are many types of diamonds that are designed and fashioned in different ways. Some of them are in the form of necklaces, others rings or earrings. Each of these is acceptable to us due to the diamonds themselves. There are also diamonds that are just that, not affixed to any jewelry. Regardless of form, bring them to us for our diamond loans and we’ll offer you the best loan-to-value possible with your diamonds.

We Have Flexible Payment Options for Diamond Loans Queen Creek

Diamond Loans Queen Creek with 90 days to pay | Oro Express Mesa Pawn & GoldThis is one of the most common reasons behind customers coming back to us. Our flexible payments are all based on a 90-day period of effect on our loans. From there, you have several options. The first is to make the basic monthly payments (at your own pace, unless otherwise agreed upon) up to the 90th day; then make the final payment on that day. The second option is to pay early. There is no penalty in doing so, and we are enthusiastic about and encourage you to do this when you are financially stronger.

What Do You Need For These Loans?

First, we will need to verify your identity. This will require an Arizona State-issued ID (usually a Driver’s License). This ID must be current and valid. Once we verify this, the next form of verification will be that of the receipt of the diamonds themselves, if you have them. After that, any accessories that come with the diamonds themselves, like stands, cases, and cleaning solutions (in near mint condition). Finally, we need the diamonds. Can’t offer Diamond Loans Queen Creek residents want if there aren’t any diamonds during the transaction.

How Do I Get To Oro Mesa from Queen Creek?

To get to Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold from Queen Creek, refer to the following map:

The best method is to go up to the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport to US-60. Once on the US-60, take the Mesa Drive exit (180); Finally, it’s a straight-shot to Mesa Drive and Broadway Road. Many customers are willing to make the trip for the great deals Oro Mesa offers. That’s why we are beloved by customers in Mesa, along with the rest of the East Valley Cities of Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek and the Valley in general!

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