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Jewelry Store Queen Creek

If you ask someone in Queen Creek for a Jewelry Store Queen Creek residents, they mention Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold. Yes, it’s in Mesa, but we help out as the Jewelry Store Queen Creek residents trust.

There’s Such a Service in a Pawn Shop?

Yes, there is! Aside from Gold and Silver pawns, Jewelry is among our more common type of loans. Doing Jewelry Loans is just a part of who we are as a business. And business has kept us afloat for over ten years! It’s a simple process as well. Visit our store with your jewelry, we offer a cash loan for it. Should the customer accept the offer, we complete the paperwork and give you the cash on hand at the store. It’s that simple, but not the only service we provide.

What Services D0 You Offer?

To begin, we have the standard pawn loan services. If you have rings, earrings, brooches, and other accessories, we have pawn loan offerings for them or for the sets as well. But that’s not the only service. We can also buy jewelry as well. But one thing we need to state is that if customers want the most bang for their buck, the pawn loan programs would be the better solution. Along with that option, when buying jewelry from customers, they are making the permanent decision to part ways with their jewelry. Once the transaction is complete, the customers leave and should they decide to want the jewelry back, they must pay our retail price to do so.

What Items Do You Have for Sale?

The items Oro Mesa has for sale range from the following:

  1. Standard rings. These can range from engagement rings to friendship bands (with minimum 12k gold or silver), to wedding rings, to high-school graduation rings (with minimum 12k gold or silver).
  2. Earrings. Small and large, simple and ornate.
  3. Bracelets. Bands of jewelry are always appreciated.
  4. Headpieces. This is basically crowns, tiaras, headbands with jewelry pieces or pure gold/silver, and many more.

While these are the most common forms, they do not dictate any exact design. If you have questions, contact us ahead of time.

Any Other Non-Jewelry Related Services?

While not as famous as our jewelry services, we do offer notary services for those that need documents officiated. For a small fee, we can get your documents notarized.

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