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Medical Equipment Buyer - Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold

Medical equipment is a vital part of maintaining our health and well-being. However, after your well-being is better kept with advances in technology, older equipment collect some dust. While we can’t take in super dusty medical items, OE Mesa Pawnshop will buy your home medical equipment. This goes for all customers that live in the Valley, be it Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Apache Junction, and beyond.

You just buy medical equipment? Don’t you offer Pawn Loans too?

We will provide a pawn loan or buy outright for cash your used medical equipment. But there is a difference. If you just need to cover minor expenses, yet still need the equipment in the future, we recommend a pawn loan. However, if you have equipment that you either no longer need or found a different solution, then come to us as a Medical Equipment Buyer.

What we take in as a Medical Equipment Buyer

We have a small list to sample what we take in as a medical buyer. This list is no end-all, be-all; it is simply a listing of what we will take. They are the following:

  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators
  • Personal Mobility Scooters
  • Hip Stimulators
  • Prosthetic Limbs
  • any other unique, valuable medical equipment you may have on hand.
    • We’ve even taken in a full Exoskeleton Prosthetic suit (an ‘Iron Man,’ if you will).


If you can put it in a box and ship it across the country in pursuit of a buyer, you can bet that we’ll be your medical equipment buyer! In fact, why NOT come to us first? This will save you the hassle of having to ship it anywhere when you have us, a local buyer. Just like with our Exoskeleton buyout, If you don’t see your item here — don’t be afraid to ask!  Just hit the chat button down below, or come on down to the store and we’ll let you know.

Keep in mind, there are things you would need to have when you come visit us. First, have all the needed accessories that come with the equipment. Above ALL other buyouts we do, this is the most important as this is equipment responsible for aiding human life. One missed piece could cancel the whole transaction. Second, make sure it’s clean (this includes sanitization if it’s been in use) before arriving. This isn’t so much a deal breaker; it simply shows you care for not only the person that used the equipment, but that you value the investment made. This value is not lost to us when you bring the medical equipment in a cleaned state.

What we DON’T take as a Medical Equipment Buyer

While we are open to a variety of equipment available to medical purposes, there are limitations to what we can accept. One such machine we cannot take is CPAP Machines. This is primarily due to the nature of prescriptions required by doctors. Also, the need of said machine varies from person to person; even with a perscription. This is a highly-specific machine; because of that, it would not be wise to sell as you may have greater need of it than us. We’re here to help, not cause further harm.

After that, large medical equipment, such as Iron Lungs, is another limitation. This is a simple issue of limited spacing for larger items, and we do not have the room to fit them all. Other large items such as movable beds, and lift chairs, are not able to be taken in either. In short, if the equipment requires a moving team or a rearrangement of the home to store/use the unit, we are not able to take it.

Any Other Limiations?

Also, if the same medical equipment, such as Power Chairs and Home Oxygen Concentrators can be given to you via Medicare/Medicaid at no cost at all, we are not able to take those. This is due to simply the fact that it’s available to all under those programs and you don’t actually pay out of pocket. You simply pay via the copay according to your Medicare/Medicaid plan.

For example, if you have to pay out of pocket less than 400 dollars for the item (making the item at maximum $200 on its own loan-to-value) itself to fulfill your medical needs, chances are the value of the item is too low for you to spend the effort in coming to us.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We’re not happy with these limitations either, but we do want to lay down ground rules in regards to the handling of these items and how much you should be given for their worth.

Why offer Oro Mesa as a Medical Equipment Buyer?

At OE Mesa, we do understand that due to the high costs of care, many of us are taking care of our elderly or sick family members providing the benefits of the medical devices they need while remaining in the comfort of their home, surrounded by their families. These can be difficult times for anyone to have to face but then comes the difficult aspect of what to do with the medical equipment left behind in your home. Perhaps additional medical bills and other expenses cause you to have to tighten your budget while the equipment piles up? Perhaps the condition involving that member has been treated, which can also be the case, and you have no further need of the equipment? Regardless of the situation, this is what we are willing to do for those circumstances.

Aren’t you Getting a Little Personal With This?

We offer a dignified solution to these needs during a very difficult time. But above all, Oro Express Mesa Pawn and Gold respects your privacy.

Confidential and discreet, we will pay you the most cash for these devices. No unnecessary estate sales with strangers rummaging through your home only to offer you the barest minimum amount of money. Why go through this when you can bring these items to our store along with any other items you might wish to exchange for cash. Medical equipment is new to us (having only started about 2 years ago); and yet, we’ve been in successful business for over a decade even after adding this service. We’ve taken many items before while maintaining our confidentiality with customers when they request it and when it’s within the law. This is a policy we still enforce to this day, so rest assured you are getting both the best in cash payouts and the best in confidential service.